The Matrix Awakens: Only a few days left to get the striking Unreal Engine 5 demo!

The Matrix Awakens: Only a few days left to get the striking Unreal Engine 5 demo!

Game News The Matrix Awakens: Only a few days left to get the striking Unreal Engine 5 demo!

Some time before the Game Awards 2021, we started to hear about a Matrix “game”, made with the Unreal Engine 5. Quickly, we were treated to an image and then confirmation of the immediate arrival of this demo on PS5 and Xbox Series.

The Matrix Awakens is not really a game, it’s a free interactive technical demo intended to show the capabilities of the engine, and the realism it can achieve under certain conditions.

An impressive demo

The sequence of chase is scripted, but the rendering is extremely impressive and we sometimes even wonder if we are not in front of filmed sequences. Once the thrillingly rendered and fast-paced introduction is complete, you can move around the city. The density of vehicles, the display distance are a real slap in the face, but you have to keep in mind that there is not much to do except walk around and observe. It’s still hard to imagine such a rendering with scripts, a lot of content and all the mechanics of an open-world game. Either way, the promise is there.

The Matrix Awakens will definitely leave the Matrix!

Available for more than six months on PS5 and Xbox Series, this technical demo will however disappear. Epic Games, which develops this engine, recently indicated that it will disappear from the Xbox and PlayStation stores next July 9, in just a few days! An astonishing announcement, especially that we don’t really know why it will be removed. However, Epic Games specifies that if you have already installed it there will be no problem, but that you must remember to download it before that date if you uninstalled it. Afterwards, it will no longer be possible to download it, even if you have it in your toy library.

Haven’t explored The Matrix Awakens: An Unreal Engine 5 Experience yet? There is still time! The UE5 tech demo will only be available in stores until July 9th. Download it before then and you can still access the demo in the future, or download it again if you deleted it from your console.

As a reminder, The Matrix Awakens is a city of about 16km², 7,000 buildings, 45,000 pedestrians, more than 38,000 drivable cars and 260 km of roads to go if you prefer to stay on the ground. Because yes, it is also possible to fly. The most curious can also modify the parameters to see how Lumen technology renders, crowd density, and even pops up polygons.

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