The intimate?  For Marion Rousse, it's taboo!

The intimate? For Marion Rousse, it’s taboo!

While the Tour de France will start this Friday, Alexandre Pasteur spoke in the columns of Ouest-France about his association with Laurent Jalabert and Marion Rousse.

The wait is coming to an end for Alexandre Pasteur. The France TV commentator is indeed preparing to return to his cabin to officiate in the Tour de France. The Grande Boucle will start this Friday from Denmark and this departure looks like a deliverance for the journalist.

It’s the meeting of the year

“I think every day and several times a day about the Tour de France. It’s the meeting of the year, as soon as the route is unveiled in October, I imagine which stages I will recognize.he also told Ouest-France, well aware that the Tour is a race apart: “There are 50% of people who watch the Tour to see France in another way, what we do is live reporting. »

They don’t always agree

The race nevertheless remains at the heart of the comments and to do this, the former Eurosport can rely on the expertise of Laurent Jalabert and Marion Rousse. “It happens naturally, we have been together since 2017. The trio works harmoniously. Jaja and Marion know how to leave room for the other when he does, they don’t always agree, I like it when there’s confrontation, but it’s always done in a courteous way”he confided in this regard.

The intimate, taboo subject…

Marion Rousse, companion in the city of Julian Alaphilippe, has on her side her unparalleled knowledge of runners. “She knows all the runners, she recognizes them very well, she has an incredible eye”, he confided. However, one subject remains taboo. Would she be tempted to keep certain information to herself? “No, apart from things that affect the intimate”, replied Alexandre Pasteur, adding: “Otherwise, she is aware of the training places, of the way the runners prepare. She always has little details that help to understand the race. On the Dauphiné, for example, at the Gap stage there were six breakaways, five French and an Italian, Andrea Bagioli, who runs in the team of Julian Alaphilippe. We talk about possible alliances and there she tells us that Bagioli does not speak a word of French and that he will have to manage on his own. That’s what happened.”

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