The Immortals: the improbable ancient nanar between 300 and Gods of Egypt

The Immortals: the improbable ancient nanar between 300 and Gods of Egypt

Better than a nanar, a nanar in a skirt. The proof with The Immortalsan ancient peplum closer to Gods of Egypt that of 300 with Henry Cavill and Mickey Rourke.

In 2006, Zack Snyder made his breakthrough with the general public with 300, a feature film recognized for its technical quality, but also controversial. Virilisto-beauf imagery, latent racism, aesthetic style… so many reproaches that open up exciting and passionate debates, but which tend to put things away a little too quickly 300 in the category of bad films in the eyes of some. These people have never seen The Immortals of Tarsem Singh with Henry Cavill and mickey rourke, which is nothing but the same film, but completely failed from start to finish.

Zack who? Zackie and Michael?


In 2000, Gladiator revives the peplum and everyone is happy. The genre was sorely lacking on the screens and thanks to Ridley Scott it is experiencing a new boom. Troy, Alexander… Even TV goes with it Rome. But he is suddenly telescoped by the equally growing popularity of graphic novels and their very… graphic adaptations, precisely. SinCity sets the trend, but it is the impressive success of 300 which anchors it in the landscape. Starting from a realistic vein, the peplum begins a definitively more kitscho-fantasy turn, much criticized, but also very profitable. And it’s on this wave that you hear surfing The Immortals.

Except that The Immortals does not have the know-how to 300nor the poetic ambition of The Legend of Beowulfnor the debauchery of Wrath of the Titans. For that matter, unlike those three films, it also doesn’t even have any source material to refer to, other than Greek mythology as a whole. And this mythology is going to be very expensive, because The Immortals doesn’t really have the slightest desire to tell anything. The story isn’t even adapted from a particular mythical episode, and anyway is just a pretext to see big oiled guys banging each other in their skirts. Even the old god of war pass for Aeschylus (and again, the writing of the third opus is to be reassessed).

Immortals: photoNo it’s not a real Minotaur, here it’s just a fat guy in ugly armor

We will thus be entitled to a story completely taken out of the hat, but above all totally worthless, struggle between good and evil. A program as generic as its title. This struggle is embodied by Mickey Rourke on the one hand, playing King Hyperion, wishing the destruction of the Gods for some obscure reason, and by Henry Cavill on the other hand, playing Theseus, a good little son to his mother (curiously very Clark Kent in spirit) educated and trained since childhood by an incognito Zeus. The god is indeed preparing him for the prophesied conflict against the Titans that Hyperion wishes to free, a conflict in which Theseus is said to be the key and in which Olympus officially has no right to intervene.


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