The French team crushes Hungary 81-40: and long live the holidays above all

The French team crushes Hungary 81-40: and long live the holidays above all

After one defeat after a not really exceptional match against Montenegro, the Blues were expected in better shape on the side of La Roche-sur-Yon and Vendespace. Against a very tired Hungary, the French team put on a superb show for the public and therefore went on vacation with a smile on their face. That’s good by the way, since the sea is not far from there.

Well, it’s hard to do worse than last Friday against Montenegro, huh? Come on, let’s start from this observation, so we won’t be disappointed no matter what. As a reminder, EDF is playing in the context of qualifying for the 2023 World Cup. Another important thing: the guys have already qualified for the second phase, but the results of the first are kept so every match counts. Any last info? Well know that the Hungarians – who played Saturday in Portugal – had to suffer a flight cancellation. At the end of the season, with a rather significant fatigue, put down the very dirty news which will not help the physical condition of the team. Still, this brave Hungary does not give up and bothers the Blues at the start of the match. Dedication to the interiors of the French team: you were burned with the jars of jam, since your hands slipped well at the start of the match. Of course, the overall tenderness of the defense of Vincent Collet is not unrelated to this rather mediocre start. Fortunately, Théo Maledon delights: laser pass here, 3-point there… Chet Holmgren is warned, he will taste French gastronomy next year in Oklahoma City. Behind their leader, the Habs regain the front while the Hungarians let go a little – a lot – of ballast. Still in the game so far, the opponent is relegated to fourteen points at halftime, 39-25.

Okay, for the second half, let’s talk about sinking. Hungary returns from the locker room without the desire, inevitably it gives a good shower stamped Amath M’Baye. From 39-25, we go to 59-27 in less than seven minutes. The Vendée is not, however, a land renowned for its drafts, strange. Now that the game is folded and buried, let’s talk a little bit about something else. Yes yes, we report if something happens, eh. In the room, a few beautiful people since the president of the FFBB Jean-Pierre Siutat is there, accompanied by Boris Diaw as manager of the French selection. Present since the end of the weekend, the Blues have certainly been able to take advantage of the Vendée coast. Les Sables d’Olonne is an essential stopover for fans of idleness and ice cream, although the best ice cream in the area can be found near La Tranche sur Mer, further south. Other good summer plans? The Vendée Corniche, in Saint-Hilaire de Riez. A real visual delight at sunset time. We say that if ever one of the French players came across this paper and wanted to have a little kiff before going on vacation for good. The game ? 68-27 at the end of the third quarter, in the West nothing new except for a 30-2 in ten minutes, it’s a bit tense. Before closing this paper, Of course, we must salute all the boys who came to defend the flag at the end of the season when their calves are certainly blunted. They will probably not all be part of the adventure for the EuroBasket in September since the NBAers as Evan Fournier Rudy Gobert and Joel Embiid will be there, but it is these few days given to the selection that make it all possible. So for that, thank you.

The final score of this beautiful spectacle offered to the public of La Roche-sur-Yon? 81-40, a beautiful rout that officially signs and in the most beautiful way the departure on vacation of the players of the French team. See you now at the end of the summer to prepare for the EuroBasket and try to go in stride to win a precious metal. Preferably yellow.

The classification of the Blues at the start of the second round of qualifying for the World Cup:

  • 1) France: 5-1 record
  • 2) Lithuania: 5-1 record
  • 3) Montenegro: 4-2 record
  • 4) Czech Republic: 3-3 record
  • 5) Bosnia and Herzegovina: 3-3 record
  • 6) Hungary: 3-3 record

Next deadlines for the Blues as part of the qualifications for the World Cup:

  • August 24: vs Czech Republic
  • August 27: in Bosnia and Herzegovina

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