The Foujita was sold for 441,000 euros: "We worked like fools to magnify this work"

The Foujita was sold for 441,000 euros: “We worked like fools to magnify this work”

Valéry Soudant is a kid in the world of public auction rooms, because his room is not five years old. And yet he is like David, son of Jesse of Bethlehem (descendant of Boaz and Ruth), facing Goliath the hero of the Philistines, because in his sling lies his expert eye. With his gaze doubtless mixed with a persuasive speech, he convinces the owners of sometimes important things, to entrust him with lots which he sells with ease and which place Gerpinnes on the map of the European art market; or even beyond. Who would have believed it five years ago? Not even himself, no doubt, when he was an antique dealer in rue Haute in Brussels.

Back to Japan

The benefits of the Internet are obviously immense and, by joining global platforms, the globe turns towards the south of Charleroi. This was needed at the end of June to assume a self-portrait of Léonard Foujita (1886-1968). We have already mentioned this simple, linear and distinguished composition in a previous edition. At the end of the auction, the lot estimated between €200,000 and €300,000 was sold for €441,000 including costs. The canvas left for Japan. Valéry Soudant told us a little more about this successful challenge. Because the auction is only the final result of a long process. “Many of us are looking for addresses all over the country and the competition is fierce. I was in front of Sotheby’s with people from our province. They trusted me and it was an honor. But above all a privilege not to be missed. not disappoint. We therefore worked like fools to magnify this work, by preparing an important notice and through very specific advertisements, as far as China and Japan. Then we proceeded to a strict selection of amateurs, through several systems such as bonds and bank guarantees. There was no question of ending up with a weirdo living in Kurashiki who would make us an offer without assuming the price. Thanks to this system, often used for large parts, we have a rate extremely low unpaid bills. In the end, we had five real fans, including a Franco-Belgian gallery, but also people from the USA, Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan. The son of a movie star was also instantly. In the end, Japan won. It is interesting to note that Foujita’s rating has doubled in ten years, all media combined”.

The sale was a success in general with the Vrancx paintings sold for €30,000 plus costs, but there were many withdrawals for the medium pieces and Tournai suffered.

Public sale Where Gerpinnes at MJV Soudant. When June 26

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