The Flash: Warner would seek to sever ties with Ezra Miller after the film's release |

The Flash: Warner would seek to sever ties with Ezra Miller after the film’s release |

The case Ezra Miller becomes more and more embarrassing for the entity Warner Bros. Discovery. While the movie The Flash has been postponed to the year 2023, the months leading up to its release will prove to be crucial for the studio, which must manage with the pangs of an actor/actress who has, so to speak, literally gone nuts. Between cases of aggression, harassment of minors and a clear desire to provocate against the judicial forces who are trying to make him account for his actions, Warner Bros. is facing a particularly heated public image case to manage, which could lead to a rupture of any bond between the two parties once The Flash got out.

No More Ezra Miller?

It’s serious Deadline which retraces a long report on the case ofEzra Miller and of The Flashwhich is for them the “first film crisis” that must manage David Zaslavpresident of the new entity Warner Bros. Discovery – this, related to the escalation of the erratic behavior of the main actor/ice of the film. According to the American news media, the studio has tried several times to come to the aid of an actor visibly in difficulty, but the various facts surrounding his abuses continue to pile up, suggesting a communication campaign that could not be more complicated when it comes to starting the promotion of The Flash. Problem if any, since this feature film has much more importance than a simple adventure of the Scarlet Bolide, by making the reappearance of the Batman of Michael Keaton and being supposed to define what the future lines of the universe will be DC Comics in the cinema (by discarding, for example, projects considered too niche such as Wonder Twinsrecently cancelled).

According Deadlineseveral options are available to Zaslav, who will have to decide quite quickly. The first would be to do only the bare minimum around the promotional campaign for The Flashwithout inviting Ezra Miller to participate, and limiting themselves to a few press conferences. Another option would be to scale back the film’s ambitions and release it straight to HBO Max (which would be catastrophic from a financial point of view given the time and money invested in the project, between the multiple writings and director changes over the past few years). Finally, a third solution would be to succeed in getting out The Flash in the best possible conditions, then to stop any form of collaboration with Ezra Miller if the situation continues like this – and to recast someone else afterwards, a way of doing things that the studio has already applied to the case Johnny Depp with the Fantastic Beasts franchise.

Whichever option you choose, Warner Bros.. will end up losing to a lesser extent, and the objective of Zaslav is therefore to minimize the risks and losses on The Flash – having regard in particular to the hundreds of people involved in the film and who have nothing to do with the actions of Miller. The actor/actress had already attracted attention since the spring of 2020, with a video which showed him/her strangling a fan; in Hawaii, several complaints had been filed against Miller after insults, a break-in and a threatening attitude towards a local couple. Since then, Miller has also been accused of harassment and manipulation of young people (including a non-binary, like the actor/ice) of 13 and 18 years old respectively. Miller also deleted his Instagram account after mocking law enforcement trying to find him. Whatever the implications of all these facts, it will be widely understood that Warner Bros. will want to part ways with Miller as it pursues its brand consolidation plans DC Comics on the screens.

There’s still a good year to go before the movie The Flash is released in theaters, and therefore just as much time to David Zaslav to make a decision that will have an impact in any case for the future of the character and for Ezra Miller. According Deadlinethe president of Warner Bros. Discovery can only hope that the scandal does not go further, while the studio will already have a fairly stormy promotion campaign to manage. We thought that now that the film was shot, The Flash wouldn’t have any more worries – but that’s rarely the case, with this type of project which seems cursed for a long time. Release scheduled, normally, on June 21, 2023 at the cinema.


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