The Flash: 200 million dollars wasted because of Ezra Miller?  The 3 options considered to save the film

The Flash: 200 million dollars wasted because of Ezra Miller? The 3 options considered to save the film

Any studio would be logically worried to see the star of a film or a series appear to all eyes with problematic behavior. And Warner Bros knows something about it, since for a few months now, the studio has been facing a case as chaotic as it is uncontrollable: Ezra Miller.

Warner Bros up against the wall because of Ezra Miller

Where a few years ago the actor was one of the new nuggets of cinema to follow absolutely, Ezra Miller – who would be subject to psychological worries, finds himself today at the center of a real descent into hell. Since January, he has notably been accused of violence and assault, and today he finds himself embroiled in an improbable story.

Indeed, for several days now, he has been housing on his farm in Vermont (USA) a 25-year-old young woman and her three children aged 1 to 5, who would have access to his numerous firearms and drugs (from marijuana). According to the father of the children, they would be in danger because of the actor (the baby would have had a bullet in the mouth) and the psychological problems of the mother, while the latter has just declared to the press that Ezra Miller was a great comfort to them by protecting them from her allegedly violent ex-husband.

A new situation which logically worries his relatives vis-à-vis his mental health, but which could also put his career in danger. According to sources from Deadline, David Zaslav (CEO of Warner Bros) is currently considering the future of The Flash, the first solo film of the superhero in the cinema. The American site assures that he and his associates still have enormous confidence in this film which cost more than 200 million dollars and which is seen as the key to the future of the DC universe on the big screen, but the group could on the other hand opt for a change of direction.

The output of The Flash threatened?

Tired of the attitude of Ezra Miller, whom they have long tried to help, the directors are thought to be considering three short-term options with regard to the future on our screens of the film directed by Andy Muschietti and the place of the hero in the cinema. The first one ? While its release is dated June 23, 2023, the studio hopes that the situation will have had time to calm down by then to release it normally, even if it means doing without the star for the promo. After all, Ezra Miller wasn’t problematic at the time of filming and it would be unfair to sacrifice the work of the entire crew because of him.

The second ? The studio would consider releasing the film in cinemas as planned, but by making a cross on its success by limiting advertising expenses and the promotional campaign as much as possible. That way, WB would avoid seeing the movie attract too much bad publicity over its DCEU sequel. Finally, the third option: in order to further limit damage and bad media coverage, The Flash could directly and quietly be released for streaming on HBO Max.

What future for the superhero?

A last option which would be catastrophic for the finances, but the leaders of Warner Bros know that they are in an unlivable and impossible to manage situation. If it was considered for a time to return all the scenes of Ezra Miller with a new actor and to ensure this change in the editing, it was quickly understood that this option would be too expensive and could be seen on the screen, which would discredit the whole thing. And after the critical and public failure of Justice League and its reshoots/new edit by Joss Whedon following the departure of Zack Snyder along the way, the studio isn’t ready to shoot itself in the foot again.

Only (almost) certainty, after the release of the film in 2023, Ezra Miller should logically no longer be part of this universe and should be replaced on screen in the sequel to the adventures of Barry Allen. According to the first rumors, it is Dylan O’Brien (The labyrinth) who would be the favorite to succeed him. Likewise, in the event that new episodes of Fantastic Beasts would see the light of day, it is almost certain that his character of Credence will not be present, or else recast.

For now, The Flash will hit theaters on June 23, 2023 starring Michael Keaton, Ben Affleck, Sasha Calle and more.

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