The fed up with the clichés on his first name "Kevin" pushed him to make a documentary

The fed up with the clichés on his first name “Kevin” pushed him to make a documentary

CLICHES – The first name Kevin is often a source of teasing. It alone symbolizes a whole generation: the one born in the 1990s. Initially, parents nominate their children Kevin because it is the first name of stars. Kevin Costner, Kevin McCallister, Kevin Richardson, the most popular actors of the moment in Hollywood are all named Kevin. Every year, tens of thousands of children are named after birth.

But quickly, this first name becomes the laughing stock of schoolyards. Pejorative expressions are created from the first name: kekos, kéké… In addition, the arrival of the internet and reality TV anchors stereotypes in people’s minds. The first name Kevin is now assimilated to a redneck tuning fan or a reality TV star.

Bring back the nobility to the first name Kevin

But today, a man has decided to give it back its nobility. Kevin Fafournoux, motion designer and freelance director, has embarked on a new project that concerns him particularly: going on a crusade against the clichés that persist around his first name and deconstructing the prejudices that result from it. Stereotypes have an influence on several aspects of life: self-confidence as well as credibility in professional or romantic life.

The documentary seeks to understand the mechanisms that have led to the stigmatization of the first name and to show that they are based on nothing. The film will be largely shot in France but the director will also travel to Germany where an application has been created to indicate the first names with which your child could have problems in the future, the Kevin-O-meter. He will also go to discover the origin of the first name in Ireland, where Saint-Kevin appeared for the first time.

To finance the film, Kevin Fafournoux launched a crowdfunding campaign on Ulule, amounting to 8,000 euros. The goal was reached, several days before the closing date of the campaign. The next step ? The organization of an event bringing together all the Kevins in Paris.

If things therefore seem to be going well for the Kevins, it was only during the legislative elections of this year that the first two deputies called Kevin entered the National Assembly.

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