The bling-bling at PSG and his true role in the club, Kylian Mbappé is revealed

The bling-bling at PSG and his true role in the club, Kylian Mbappé is revealed

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Already a month since the soap opera Kylian Mbappé ended. Since his contract extension on the last day of the championship, the one who is now under contract until 2025 with PSG has been more discreet. It must be said that he was a little injured with the France team, before taking a vacation, especially in the United States, where he is now. Between two events related to his sponsors and his foundation, he took the time to answer questions from BFM-TV on the roofs of Times Square (New York) where his effigy now stands!

The opportunity to react to Nasser Al-Khelaïfi’s last interview and the end of the bling-bling. “I don’t know if I’m the counterexample. When you have your head in Times Square, you’re a bit bling-bling (laughs). I have always made football my priority, for me one cannot go without the other. Afterwards, I understand the message of the club, it is also the message that was passed to me. Beyond making me stay me, it’s the club that wants that. I was offered this project. I was not at the base. With all the changes that are going to happen, great things are going to happen. I keep myself informed.”

Win the C1 and become the top scorer in the history of PSG

An answer that he likes to formulate as if to better respond to those who accuse him of making rain or shine at PSG. It must be said that the Parisian president had also said that he wanted to see in Mbappé a model and an inspiration for his teammates. “He (Nasser Al-Khelaïfi) doesn’t take the pressure off me, I don’t choose anything (laughs). People will still think but it’s an easy way to get messages across. It is the club above all, it comes before me even if I am important. Having become a major player for the French club, the world champion must now assume his status and make history a little more.

“Of course, the Champions League is a clear and announced objective. That’s what we want. Now there is a way. It goes back to achieving unanimity at the national level. We haven’t done that for the past two years. Sportingly and even in terms of image. We were less untouchable. We have to become it again even if there will be less suspense. After that, we can conquer Europe.” And become PSG’s top scorer, he who runs with his 171 goals behind Edinson Cavani’s 200 goals? “It should be fine. If I continue like this, I should get there. » The objectives are clear.

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