The anti-Semitic fresco representing Macron as a puppet erased in Avignon

The anti-Semitic fresco representing Macron as a puppet erased in Avignon

“Following the emotional reactions and the growing controversy aroused by the graffiti artist Lekto’s fresco located in the Italian parking lot in Avignon, the prefect of Vaucluse exchanged yesterday (Editor’s note: Thursday) with the president of Grand Avignon, owner places, in order to agree on the removal of this fresco. This operation was carried out this very morning, ”said the prefecture.

“The codes of anti-Semitic propaganda”

“Faced with the very many reactions aroused by the fresco by street artist Lekto, suddenly the subject of a controversy very widely relayed by social networks, the Community of Greater Avignon has, since yesterday afternoon , made the decision to cover the facade of the building concerned which belongs to it”, had announced a few moments before in a press release the Avignon agglomeration.

The fresco had already been partially covered, anonymously, overnight from Thursday to Friday, recalled Grand Avignon.

Since Wednesday, this mural painted on an electrical transformer at the north-east entrance to Avignon had provoked strong reactions on social networks, several Internet users denouncing its anti-Semitic character, as revealed by France Bleu.

“You really have to never have opened a history book not to see how this image takes up all the codes of anti-Semitic propaganda and fascist iconography. Refusing to erase it in the name of ‘freedom of expression’ is a scandal”, notably reacted MEP Raphaël Glucksmann on the social network Twitter.

“The interpretation leaves little doubt”

According to France Bleu, the Grand Avignon and the town hall of Avignon, led by the socialist Cécile Helle, had initially refused to cover the fresco in order to “respect freedom of expression”. They would have finally changed their minds in the face of “the insistence of the prefect”, had specified the radio.

“As usual, the problem is people who don’t see the problem,” tweeted designer Joann Sfar, notably author of “The Rabbi’s Cat.”

“The interpretation of this fresco leaves little doubt. The figure of the Jewish banker manipulating his puppets is a recurring representation of anti-Semites. Anti-Semitism is that plague bacillus that always reappears. No weakness is tolerable”, also tweeted the first secretary of the PS, Olivier Faure.

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