The 10 Best Buddy Movies You Must See After Champagne

The 10 Best Buddy Movies You Must See After Champagne

On the occasion of the theatrical release of Champagne, we invite you to prolong the pleasure with 10 must-see films by French friends!

Released in theaters on June 8, Champagne brings together a fine line-up of stars for a feel-good summer pal comedy! The story brings together Jean, Patrick, Joanna, Romane and Guillaume, friends who have known each other for more than 30 years.

Their marriages and their children have not succeeded in keeping them away and precisely, this weekend, the band of fifty-somethings finds itself in Champagne for the bachelor party of Patrick, the last bachelor of the band.

But the future wife, arriving unexpectedly, does not seem to be unanimous… In this sublime vineyard, over the giggles, shouting matches and reconciliations, tensions rebound… because in friendship, everyone world clink glasses!

To prolong the pleasure, we offer you a focus on 10 must-see films by French friends!


In Five, with Pierre Niney, five childhood friends have always dreamed of living in a shared apartment. When the opportunity to move in together arises, Julia, Vadim, Nestor and Timothy don’t hesitate for a second, especially when Samuel offers to pay half the rent!

Barely installed, Samuel finds himself on the straw but decides not to say anything to the others and to assume his share by starting to sell grass. But no one is a drug dealer, and when everything degenerates, Samuel has no choice but to turn to the only family he has left: his friends!


A generational comedy released in 1997, Four Boys Full of the Future tells the adventures of four friends, law students in Aix-en-Provence. Among them, Arnaud, the fat guy, has just learned that he is repeating his first year for the third time.

Faced with her despair, her three friends decide to help her. They will go that very night to change the results of Arnaud’s writings. Promise kept and Arnaud finds himself the same day admitted to take the oral. A sequel has been officially started with the return of the original cast!


A classic friends movie! Le Coeur des hommes introduces us to Alex, Antoine, Jeff and Manu, four friends who are both solid and immature, are at the crossroads of their adult lives. They see each other regularly, like to chat, argue and laugh together. Coming from working-class backgrounds, they have achieved their professional goals: Alex and Jeff have created a small sports press group that is doing well, Antoine is a gym teacher in a large Parisian high school, Manu has a deli-caterer shop that is always full.

That spring, a series of events, the death of a father, the infidelity of a wife, the marriage of a daughter, touch them and bring them even closer. Confronted with situations that they do not control, they confide in each other, explain themselves, help each other, confront each other and question themselves. Their relationship to women is at the heart of all their problems, all their conversations, all their conflicts…


Worn by the duo Leila Bekhty and Géraldine Nakache, All that glitters tells us the story of Ely and Lila. They have known each other since childhood, share everything and together dream of another life. They live in the same suburb, ten minutes from Paris.

Today, Ely and Lila no longer want to be ten minutes away from their lives. From small confusions to big lies, they will do everything to try to penetrate a world that is not theirs where everything seems possible to them. But all that glitters…


Led by the trio Gérard Lanvin, Jean-Pierre Bacri and Christian Clavier, My best friends allow us to meet some childhood friends approaching their forties.

They meet when a Quebec rock star, Bernadette Legranbois, whom they knew during their youth, comes to Paris.

This is an opportunity for Jean-Michel, Richard, Guido, Antoine and Dany to settle some old scores and take stock of what remains of their teenage dreams.


Worn by a Romain Duris barely 20 years old, Le Péril Jeune marked a whole generation of spectators. In this film directed by Cédric Klapisch, we find a few young men meeting several years after leaving high school.

They assist during her delivery the companion of their best friend, who died a week earlier of an overdose. This is an opportunity for them to compare their memories.


Directed by Lisa Azuelos with a beautiful female cast (Michèle Laroque, Valérie Benguigui, Aure Atika, Géraldine Nakache), Comme t’y es belle presents Isa, Alice, Léa and Nina. They are linked by their Sephardic families as much as by their friendship.

They share their lives between heart stories, a beauty institute under tax control, children to raise, a Moroccan nanny without papers to pacs, repeated diets, family and religious celebrations to honor, but before being beautiful , their biggest challenge is to be themselves.


A cult film directed by Claude Lelouch, L’Aventure c’est l’aventure is performed by an exceptional cast! Lino Ventura, Jacques Brel, Aldo Maccione, Charles Denner and Johnny Hallyday!

The banks no longer being profitable enough, five hoodlums decide to retrain by kidnapping personalities. The first on the list is none other than Johnny Hallyday.


A little auteur film about a group of young friends from Marseille, Corniche Kennedy transports us to the blue of the Mediterranean. At the foot of the luxurious villas, the minots of Marseille defy the laws of gravity.

Marco, Mehdi, Franck, Mélissa, Hamza, Mamaa, Julie: girls and boys dive in, fly away, take risks to live stronger. Suzanne devours them with her eyes from her chic villa. Their free bodies, their excesses. She wants to be. She will be.


A film for friends par excellence, Les Petits handkerchiefs by Guillaume Canet has become a classic. Following a shocking event, a group of friends decides, despite everything, to go on vacation by the sea like every year.

Their friendship, their certainties, their guilt, their loves will be shaken. They will finally have to lift the “little handkerchiefs” they have placed on their secrets and their lies.


Attention, great classic of the comedy of friends! Released in 1976, An elephant cheats enormously brings together Jean Rochefort, Victor Lanoux, Claude Brasseur and Guy Bedos.

The story of four friends, grown up as they approach their forties. Etienne is happy in his couple, but he is obsessed with the image of a young woman in a red dress…

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