That, Freddy Krueger... What do the actors behind these movie monsters look like?

That, Freddy Krueger… What do the actors behind these movie monsters look like?

Freddy Krueger, the Nun from Conjuring 2, the Clown from It… So many movie creatures and monsters that terrified us for one or more films. We decided to put them in the spotlight by revealing the faces of the actors who have endorsed these emblematic horrific characters!

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Freddy Krueger: one of the most famous movie monsters

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In 1984 arrives at the cinema The Claws of Nightdirected by Wes Craven to whom we also owe the saga Scream. The horror film features Freddy Krueger, a child killer who was murdered and burned and has been haunting teenagers in their dreams ever since. It is the actor Robert Englund who endorses this character in the 7 parts, as well as in Freddy versus Jason released in 2003. However, he is not the one who plays the role in the 2010 remake, Freddy: Claws of the Nightbut Jackie Earle Haley.

Samara Morgan in The circle

cinema monsters real face 2

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The circle tells the story of a cursed tape that kills everyone who watches it after seven days. The week is over, Samara Morgan steps off the television to kill her victims. This character is played by Daveigh Chase, who was also awarded the “Best Villain” prize at the MTV Movie Awards in 2003. She also starred in Donnie Darkoand in an episode ofEmergency room, Cold Case: Closed Casesand The experts.

the clown of That (released in 2017 at the cinema)

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That is not the kind of film that will fix you with clowns if you have a phobia, far from it! We follow young children who are chased by a predator they call “It”, also known as Pennywise. He’s played by Bill Skarsgård who you’ve probably seen in the movies Divergent 3 and Deadpool 2or in the series Hemlock Grove and Castle Rock.

And the one of That from 1990

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Did you know : Caseorti at the cinema in 2017 is actually the remake of the TV movie of the same name released in 1990. Moreover, it terrified a good number of people during its broadcast and very quickly became essential. Here, it is the actor Tim Curry who puts on the costume of the evil clown. He also starred in The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Mom, I missed the plane again, Charlie and his Charlie’s Angels or Scary Movie 2.

The Pale Man Pan’s Labyrinth

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The Pale Man Pan’s Labyrinth traumatized more than one person when the film was released. This creepy monster is played by Doug Jones, who also plays the faun in the film. The actor is used to playing monsters, whether on the big or the small screen. For example, he embodies the Gentleman of buffy the vampire slayer.

Frankenstein : the cult movie monster

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The film Frankenstein from 1931 and directed by James Whale, features a creature that has become a cult face in the world of movie monsters. He is played by Boris Karloff, a British actor who gained popularity thanks to this role. The latter endorses the costume in the suites Bride of Frankenstein and The Son of Frankenstein.

The Nun in Conjuring 2

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The Nun of Conjuring 2, also known as Valak to friends, is arguably the most terrifying demon in horror movies of recent years. It is the actress Bonnie Aarons who endorses the costume of the demonic nun. She plays this role again in the spin-off released in 2018.

Alien At the movie theater

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In the space, no one can hear you scream » announces the poster ofAlien. An emblematic hook just like the film, and for the most curious it is the actor Bolaji Badejo who puts on the costume of the creature. He was spotted in the streets of London for his singular gait and his atypical physique.

Jason in Friday 13

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Jason Voorhees is a young boy who tragically drowned at the Crystal Lake camp on Friday, June 13, 1957. When the camp reopens decades later, many people disappear and it could be because of Jason, who disappeared earlier… The character is played by Ari Lehman, who is both an actor and a musician. It was thanks to this role that he gained popularity.

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