Tefaf is back – The Art Tribune

Tefaf is back – The Art Tribune

1. Nino Pisano (active between 1334 and 1368)

Saint Jean Baptistcirca 1360-65

Marble – H. 75.5 cm

Stuart Lochhead Sculpture

Photo: Didier Rykner

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After a 2020 edition cut short due to the pandemic, and that of 2021 which only took place online, Tefaf is back, later than usual, still for the same reasons, a little shortened and in a smaller format because it was impossible at this time of the year to obtain all the surface usually reserved for the fair. To be frank, it was almost impossible to notice this smaller size, at least for old and 19th century art, the one that concerns us in the first place. By slightly reducing the size of the aisles in particular, the number of merchants and exhibits seemed equivalent to previous editions. The number of masterpieces too: this is definitely an event that should not be missed at any price. And two days are not too much to go around completely.

Our selection is therefore, as usual, only very partial, and we could easily have doubled or tripled it. Among the works that we present here, some have been sold or were close to being sold from the start of the fair. There is no doubt that we will find some of them, and still others, in future briefs devoted to museum acquisitions. Especially since the conservatives, especially Americans, were numerous to rush there.

2. Three of Riccio’s eight terracotta busts

exhibited on the Benjamin Steinitz stand at Tefaf

Photo: Didier Rykner

See the image in his page

You can always admire in this fair a large number of Italian sculptures from all periods, and this new edition does not fail in tradition.

We will begin our selection with a 14th century sculpture, presented by the English dealer Stuart Lochhead: a Saint Jean Baptist by Nino Pisano (he. 1), son of Andrea Pisano. If this one was already exhibited during the 2020 edition, we did not talk about it then, and this is the opportunity to reproduce this very beautiful marble (he. 1).

From the Renaissance, Benjamin Steinitz presents an impressive set of eight terracotta heads of famous figures from ancient Rome, among whom we can recognize in particular Antoninus Pius and Nero. These busts in high relief in medallions are presented as they should be seen, from above, in a remarkably staged stand (he. 2) as is usual for this Parisian merchant. Andrea Briosco, known as Riccio is one of the most important sculptors of the first half of the 15th century, active in Padua, particularly known for his works in bronze.

3. Domenico Guidi (1612-1701)

Giacomo Franzone

Terracotta – H. 82 cm

Altomani & Sons

Photo: Altomani & Sons

See the image in his page

4. Ercole Ferrata (1610-1686)

Saint Charles Borromeo

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