Switch: Nintendo offers to repair your consoles

Switch: Nintendo offers to repair your consoles

On the program of the Daily today: we will talk about the Popcorn Festival which is a hit. We will continue with Nintendo, which offers an insurance service for the Switch, and we will end with a summary of the Anime Expo 2022 announcements. The Daily is on!

The Montcucq Popcorn Festival is a hit!

If you follow the news of the French Twitch scene from near or far, you could not miss the Popcorn Festival this weekend. As a reminder, the Popcorn Festival is an event organized by Domingo and his teams to close the season of Popcorn, his talk show broadcast live every Tuesday at 8 p.m. Upstream, Internet users could choose from 32 French municipalities where this last program recorded in public would be held. It was finally the village of Montcuq in the Lot, in Occitanie, which was selected to host the event. I’ll spare you the endless list of jokes that we could make just on the name of this small town… On this occasion, the talk show is transformed into a festival, as its name suggests, but obviously remains broadcast in live on Twitch. Several artists and influencers followed one another, allowing the channel to reach a peak of more than 100,000 viewers simultaneously.

An insurance service for the Joy-Con Drift at Nintendo

If you are a Switch owner and have never experienced Joy-Con Drift, consider yourself lucky, because this problem happens to more than one user of Nintendo’s latest console. For those who haven’t been following the case, the Joy-Con Drift is a technical glitch that causes your stick to get stuck in one direction on its own, making it impossible to play with. To get into the technical details, this problem is due to premature wear of a plastic in the Joy-Con that Nintendo has described as inevitable. Until then, the Kyoto firm had not offered a lasting solution to this problem, except to change the Joy-Cons if they are still under warranty… be aware that in Japan, a official repair has been launched by Nintendo to repair different Switch models. At around €1.50 per month or €15 per year, this service called Wide Care guarantees coverage of various types of repairs as well as the shipping of the console. Obviously, the three models of the console are covered by this service, both the basic model, the Lite and the OLED. However, be careful, there are still limits since this service is limited to six repairs per year. For now, the service is not available in France.

Anime Expo 2022 Announcements

If you’ve never heard of it, the Anime Expo is a convention that has been held in the United States since 1992 and usually takes place during the first weekend of July. This year, the event took place at the Los Angeles Convention Center, which gamers know well since that’s where E3 usually takes place. This convention represents an opportunity for Japanese animation studios and their distributors to announce their various upcoming projects. On this occasion, VIZ Media shared a first trailer for Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War ahead of the anime’s scheduled October 2022 release. covered, Thousand Year Blood War from Tite Kubo’s manga since the first anime had stopped at the previous arc: Fulbringer. Another cult manga, Trigun will also make a comeback with a new animated series scheduled for 2023 called Trigun Stampede in which we follow the new adventures of Vash the Stampede. The other big surprise of this convention is the announcement of an animated adaptation for 2023 on Crunchyroll of Solo Leveling, the series of Korean novels which became the subject of a real phenomenon once adapted into webtoons. On the Netflix side, we were treated to a first trailer for season 2 of Valkyrie Apocalypse scheduled for 2023, but above all, a release date for the second part of season 6 of Jojo Bizarre Adventure, Stone Ocean.

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