Studio Ghibli : les films n'auront jamais été aussi proches de vous grâce à ce produit indispensable pour les fans !

Studio Ghibli: Movies have never been closer to you with this must-have fan product!

News good deal Studio Ghibli: Movies have never been closer to you with this must-have fan product!

Studio Ghibli is the great reference for Japanese animated films. What if we told you that they all had one thing in common? And yes, all films have a knack for making us salivate in one way or another.

The book: La cuisine dans Ghibli is available at Fnac!

Studio Ghibli is the assurance of dreams, adventure and living with nature. This is especially true for Hayao Miyazaki who is the studio’s flagship director.

In his films, many themes are evoked, from war to self-discovery. However, in almost all his films, there is always a dish (or more) that manages to make us salivate behind our screen.

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The book is available in three formats, and therefore, at three different prices:

  • Board book: €24.95
  • Board book with collection in store: €23.70 (5% reduction)
  • Ebook (ePub): €16.99

Savor recipes from your favorite animated films with this cookbook based on Studio Ghibli films!=

At Ghibli, food is not an anecdote. We find in films recipes appreciated by directors, but above all major elements of the plot!

When asked:

  • Why does food from Studio Ghibli movies always look so good?

Toshio Suzuki, producer and former president of the animation studio, responded with this:

  • It’s because it’s the food that Miyazaki made himself

If it makes us hungry, it’s because this food is rooted in reality. One can easily imagine giving him a good fork.

With this recipe book, we go from imagination to realization! Sharing breakfast with Calcifer or tasting O-Baba’s soup finally becomes possible.

From the eggs and bacon of Calcifer to the gigantic buffets of Spirited awayfood is an integral part of the story and always makes the viewer want to taste it.

Even films like Tomb of the Fireflies, by the excellent Isao Takahata, which takes place in the middle of World War II, put food at the forefront. Who doesn’t remember Seita and Setsuko’s candy box, the two heroes of the film!

Buy The kitchen in Ghibli from 16 € at Fnac

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