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Spy software is circulating on iOS and Android smartphones

For 15 days, spyware has been hitting Android and iOS smartphones. It allows you to take full control of the mobile, view its content and listen to conversations. The symptoms of his arrival are not insignificant.

It is currently spreading to Android smartphones and iOS and is used to take remote control of the mobile. Called Hermit, this software dedicated to spying was unmasked by cybersecurity firm Lookout. It seems to specifically target some users living in Italy and Kazakhstan. Once installed, Hermit retrieves text messages, photos, videos, and can trigger the camera and microphone of the targeted mobile. The people who work behind Hermit would be part of the company RCS Labs, an Italy-based spy software solution provider. This immediately recalls the famous scandal Pegasus including L’application was implemented on the smartphones of many personalities.

How does Hermit get to your mobile?

According to the lab Threat Analysis Group of Google, in some cases, mobile operators would have been involved since the first symptom for the victim is the deactivation of mobile data on their smartphone. After this event, the target receives an SMS appearing to come from the operator. It contains a malicious link that is supposed to restore connectivity. In reality, it is he who opens the gate to the viral load. From the moment the code enters the smartphone, its content is fully accessible to the remote operator.

In any case, for the moment, it is easy to escape because the explanation page is displayed in Italian. She suggests installing a messaging app to resolve the issue. Among them is the icon of WhatsApp. An icon that links directly to the viral load. Finally, the last clue comes when we try to validate the installation of this pseudo patch via Messaging. You are asked to authorize its installation from a source other than App Store or Play Store, which is a bad sign. On their side Apple and Google have already implemented countermeasures by revoking all certificates associated with Hermit.

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