Spy Kids: the Netflix reboot directed by Robert Rodriguez reveals its cast

Spy Kids: the Netflix reboot directed by Robert Rodriguez reveals its cast

The improbable reboot of Spy Kids of Robert Rodriguez for netflix takes shape with the reveal of the first members of its cast.

We have known it for a short time, after many mistakes and failures, Robert Rodriguez has decided to relaunch the Spy Kids franchise on Netflix. The first film in the saga dates back to 2001, a family comedy that could have stood on its own and remained a vague fragment of childhood until its creator chose to make it survive at all costs. After three sequels, each with less resistance to time than the others, Rodriguez tried something else with The Adventures of Shark Boy and Lava Girl and its sequel on Netflix, It’s us hero. Far from being tired of the genre and committing these artistic crimes, the filmmaker has found an ideal playground with the platform at the red N to return to 2001 and start all over again.

Still writing, directing and producing, Robert Rodriguez is therefore about to reform a new family of spy. And justly, Deadline unveiled the actors who will compose it.

Can we do better?

Zachary Levi (Shazam!) and Gina Rodriguez (Jane the Virgin) will embody the elite spies and parents of the young protagonists who, inevitably and as in the first film, will have to be rescued by the latter. This is Everly Carganilla (Yes day) and, for the first time in a film, Connor Esterson who will be in charge of being the new Spy Kids.

According to the few information we have on the Netflix feature film, the story will be centered on the children of the best secret agents in the world. Accidentally helping a video game developer unleash a terrible computer virus across the world, they find themselves having to improvise secret agents themselves to save the day.

Spy kids 4: All the Time in the World : photoThe second generation of Spy Kids but not the last

Back from filming for Disney+ with The Boba Fett Book, Robert Rodriguez hardly has much of a chance to work on the rest of his Alita: Battle Angel and we hardly have any more news of a we are the heroes 2 (what a pity). He will have to console himself with this homecoming for the platform at N red. Even so, without being discouraging, it would be an exaggeration to say that there is still a large community of fans behind the franchise or any expectation.

No release date for this reboot of Spy Kids but, while waiting to have one, we will have plenty of opportunity to take a look at the old films. So we can remember with nostalgia or discomfort what Robert Rodriguez was already doing in the early 2000s and which strangely resembles what he is still doing 20 years later.


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