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Spider-man: No Way Home is back in theaters, and you haven’t seen it all

Spider-man will be released in the cinema for an unpublished long version, but France could once again be sanctioned.

The friendly neighborhood spider will have an unexpected return to the movies. After breaking box office audience records and establishing itself as one of the highest-grossing films of the yearMarvel has decided to put the cover back, by offering Spider-Man: No Way Home a rerun in theaters, and many new scenes.

The More Fun Stuff Version

To celebrate the birthday of Spider-Man, who turns 60 this yearthe house of ideas has indeed announced the release of a new long version called: β€œThe More Fun Stuff Versionβ€œ. On the program, cut scenes and exclusive images of Tom Holland, who should once again establish himself as the most popular superhero of his generation. β€œYou wanted more Spidey and you will get it!” assures an official tweet published on the official account of the film.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to see the superhero’s adventures on the big screen, now is the time. It is indeed unlikely that Marvel will decide to repeat the experience anytime soon. In the United States and Canada, tickets will go on sale August 9, for a broadcast scheduled for September 2, 2022. The rest of the world should also be entitled to its replay, without further details for the moment.

In total, more than 15 minutes of film will be added to the initial narration, for a duration of 148 minutes indoors. Sony and Marvel will take advantage of the event to lengthen certain scenes, but also add new ones. This long version should thus be the opportunity to offer almost five additional minutes in the company of the three interpreters of the man-spider.

  • Interrogation scene – 2min 25
  • Peter at Midtown High – 5min 25
  • Installation in the basement – ​​1min 35
  • The very good lawyer of Happy – 1min 35
  • The Spideys reunite – 4min 25

No rebroadcast in France?

If Disney plans to ride on the success of Spider-Man to take advantage of the power of the MCU, the release of Spiderman in the cinema could however be compromised in France. The showdown between the American giant and France over the media timeline is not settled yet. Whereas Strange World will have to do without dark rooms in France to land directly on Disney+, hard to believe that No Way Home: The More Fun Stuff Version will meet the same fate.

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