Sony Pictures is (already) working on the new Spider-Man trilogy with Tom Holland |

Sony Pictures is (already) working on the new Spider-Man trilogy with Tom Holland |

The future of Spiderman in the cinema is in the process of being written. The huge success of Spider-Man: No Way Homecoupled with the public’s appetite for this group reading of the various avatars of the spider, motivates the studios Sony Pictures and marvel studios to invest in the future. This time no reboot on the horizon. According Jeff Sneidera journalist known for unearthing important scoops on major projects underway in Hollywood, the two companies are planning a new trilogy articulated around the Spiderman of Tom Hollandin the years to come.

But: nothing is done yet

Whether sneider explain that “plans are in the works for three more films starring Tom Holland” in the role of Peter Parker, the actor has not yet signed any contract for this franchise extension. Which therefore means that the studio is motivated, but that it will still be necessary to convince the star to re-enlist for a hiring of at least six years, between the shootings and the promotional tours ‘, at the rate where things are going. Gold, holland had already mentioned in an interview his desire to see further – the young actor had thus declared that he did not see himself in Peter Parker past his thirties (or more exactly “if I’m still Spider-Man when I’m thirty, I’ll have failed somewhere“).

Later, the actor had however corrected himself by explaining that he would agree to continue the role until this age limit, but would like in this case to serve as a mentor to an heir or an heiress from the diversity of gender or skin color. He even specifically mentioned Miles Moralesthe most logical path for the future of productions Sony Pictures.

On their side, Amy Pascal and Kevin Feige are already making progress on the rest of the operations. The leader in adaptations of Spiderman in the cinema had mentioned this new trilogy, specifying however that it would await the approval of Tom Holland. feigefor its part, affirmed last December that the continuation of the adventure was in the process of being assembled, without further details.

From the moment the production of Spider Man 4 will be started, holland will become de facto the actor to have held the role of Peter Parker, on a quantitative basis of solitary films – since Tobey Maguire played only a secondary role in No Way Home. In the past, sony had already considered producing a first hexalogy Spiderman in the plot of the saga of Sam Raimiwith the same Maguire for three more films after Spider Man 3. The director’s disgust at the attitude ofAvi Aradthe obligation to place Venom and the small fatigue of the team had at the time buried this appetite for a series of bursts. Just like the movies Venom and Sinister Six, sony intends once again to extend its plans of the time. Except that No Way Home served more reboot in the rebootand that a new trilogy would be able to detach itself thematically from previous opuses (for example, by putting aside the dimension Tony Stark/avengers).

As for Miles MoralesI’Uncle Aaron has already been featured in the movie Homecomingand the critical success of Spider Verse or the last game Spiderman ofInsomniac Games would be likely to validate the desire to see the little heir take the place of Peter Parker in the suit, eventually. All that remains is to take out the checkbook and the six copies of the contracts.

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