Sonic 2 is one of the highest-grossing movies at the box office and it's because of you

Sonic 2 is one of the highest-grossing movies at the box office and it’s because of you

Full box for sonic 2which rolls over the box office and becomes one of the most profitable films of the year ahead of certain Hollywood gasworks.

In hindsight on its original medium, will the Sega license be reborn for good in the cinema? It is in any case a possible interpretation of the figures of sonic 2realized by Jeff Fowler and with James Marsden, jim carrey and Ben Schwartz. Despite its more modest scale than most modern blockbusters, sonic 2 became without warning one of the biggest successes of this year.

A surprise to make other competitors pale in comparison to a category that is nevertheless much superior, notably fining a certain The Batman and guaranteeing us the arrival of a suite. We don’t thank you.

Large screen when you have to go see the 47 suites


A quick reminder of the facts: sonic 2 is the sequel to sonic the moviea first opus whose trailer had become the laughingstock of the web before a successful release. Directed for 90 million dollars (i.e., a pittance in the universe of blockbusters), the film pocketed 319 million of dollars around the world in five weeks before its operation was cut short by the first wave of global lockdowns. However, the success was there, despite the pandemic and the curse of video game adaptations. A sequel was launched again, which one could estimate according to the good old rule of Hollywood sequels that it would do less well with more.

First surprise, the film did not cost much more to shoot, but brought in much more: 90 to 110 million dollars of production costs according to the sources for a revenue of 401 million dollars, including 190 million in America. Rare case, sonic 2 is therefore a sequence that pays more in absolute value, but also in value compared to its production cost. Even more impressively, the launch of the second installment is better than the first, with the first three weeks of US operation clearly above the first film even though the first was released before the pandemic.

Sonic 2: picture“Sega is stronger than you” (and the Covid)

Second surprise, the success is such that, if Sonic 2 is not THE big winner of 2022, it is clearly in the elite of this year at the time of writing. Because behind its modest eighth place in the world ranking of the largest farms of the year in key-key with Uncharted and Fantastic Beasts: Dumbledore’s Secretsand its likely fall in this ranking after the arrival of Thor: Love and Thunder Where Avatar: The Way of the Water, The Numbers highlights a detail that could make it one of the big winners of the year: profitability.

Sonic 2: photo, Colleen O'Shaughnessey Look at all Tails can do having three bolts and a piece of gum


For every dollar invested in the production of sonic 2, the latter earned $4.4. An excellent ratio, which is almost a feat in this particularly grim year for cinema attendance. The Batman for example, although it has brought in (much) more in absolute value, it nevertheless has a lower profitability. With its score of 770 million dollars worldwide for a budget of 200 million, The Batman has a ratio of less than 3.8. And if we look elsewhere, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness for example doesn’t do much better than Sonic 2 with a ratio of 4.8, while Jurassic World: Dominion is also only at 5 at the moment.

A much smaller scale blockbuster, sonic 2 nevertheless sits in the top 5 of the most profitable films of the year and is on a par with the big productions. When he’s not just impaling… Uncharted and Fantastic Beasts: Dumbledore’s Secrets precisely, which have similar scores, but much higher production costs. Even the phenomenon Everything Everywhere All at Once does not benefit (for the moment) from such a dynamic, and it is necessary to turn to Top Gun: Maverick for the blue hedgehog to regain some humility – and at the same time, Tom Cruise is humiliating everyone this year with his billion at the box office and his profitability of 6.1.

Sonic 2: photo, Ben Schwartztake off

Apart from Top Gun: Maverick, sonic 2 therefore signs the biggest surprise of the year, even if a few elements remain to be put into perspective. sonic 2 also owes its success an ultra-favorable exit window due to the remarkably weak competition. Released on the day of school holidays in America, with the belly as its only rival Ambulance the big day, the crash Fantastic Beasts: Dumbledore’s Secrets the following week and the radioactive furnace of Morbius the previous week, sonic 2 did not have much to do to shine in the eyes of the public, who did not hesitate to give him a very nice A on CinemaScore.

Sonic 2: photo, Ben SchwartzWhat do I have in my pocket?


Was a gold mine found by Sega and Paramount? It’s still a bit too early to tell, but what is certain is that Sonic’s economic model could not be more efficient. Far from being a liability, the license’s smaller budgets allow studios to consider rapidly expanding the universe, lining up releases, and striking the iron while it’s hot, instead of having to wait three or four years before assembling a gas plant.

Besides, the production machine is already activated with the obvious announcement of a third film, but also of a spin-off mini-series on Knuckles for the Paramount+ streaming service. So it’s good that Paramount is starting to believe in the potential of its hedgehogs. Another more unexpected consequence of the success of sonic 2 : Will Jim Carrey postpone his retirement plan, that he announced to variety in April 2022 after having regularly mentioned it in recent years? Mystery. But the subject is on the table, and the producers have already indicated that they will not replace the actor if he were to withdraw.

Sonic 2: pictureSoon the spin-off

In any case, the universe of Sonic now seems rather comfortably installed in the landscape, whatever happens in 2022. Because sonic 2 enjoys for the moment a sacred glory, but the year is not over and other films can still eclipse it. Thor: Love and Thunder is imminent and should no doubt be a huge hit at the box office, and Halloween Ends could also create a surprise in terms of profitability. Moreover, the end of the year is also conducive to staggering scores, and with Avatar: The Way of the Water or Shazam! Fury of the Godsa lot of heavyweights that could knock him off his throne.


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