"She paid the price for her coquetry": Patrice Leconte makes amazing confidences on the chest of Marie-Anne Chazel in Les Bronzés 3

“She paid the price for her coquetry”: Patrice Leconte makes amazing confidences on the chest of Marie-Anne Chazel in Les Bronzés 3

In an interview with Télé Star this Monday, June 27, director Patrice Leconte goes backstage at Les Bronzés 3. He explains in particular how Marie-Anne Chazel’s fake breasts turned the filming in Sardinia upside down.

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The Bronzés trilogy is one of the most popular comedies in France. It even marked several generations, given the time elapsed between the second and third part. In this case, if the first two films had not been hugely successful when they were released in theaters (and will build their popularity later, in particular via major TV reruns, editor’s note), the last opus was a real cardboard with more than ten million entries. Director Patrice Leconte was at the helm each time and spoke about the genesis of this unforgettable adventure with the actors of the troop of the Splendidwho have become real long-time friends, in the columns of TV Star, this Monday, June 27th. This on the occasion of a very forthcoming broadcast of the Tanned 3 on TF1.

Marie-Anne Chazel’s fake breasts haunted Patrice Leconte

“I found the same ones as at the time. Perhaps they have, over the years, experienced periods of estrangement, dissension, little jealousies, who knows! But they have always remained very accomplices “, he assures. The 74-year-old director also has fun revisiting a (big) detail from the last film, shot in 2005 in a luxury hotel in Sardinia, which was added to the character played by Marie Anne Chazel: her XXL chest. “With her small breasts, she always dreamed of having big breasts”he slips when explaining where this idea came from.

“Crazy weather every morning”

But the implementation of this original addition was not easy, neither for the principal concerned, nor for the technical teams working on the filming location. Patrice Leconte indeed recounts what were the additional constraints: “We hired a specialist and his assistant to manufacture on the spot, in a special oven, fake breasts. We changed them every three days because of wear. Between takes, Marie-Anne strutted around with it and kept repeating: ‘I’ve never been watched so much!’ But she also paid the price for her coquetry because she got up at dawn, the installation of these fake breasts taking a crazy time every morning”.

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