Shamshera: a brutal trailer that unearths the hatchet

Shamshera: a brutal trailer that unearths the hatchet

Shamshera unveils a brutal first trailer that should delight fans of nag westerns.

Are you nostalgic for the great era of spectacular westerns? The Northman didn’t satisfy your need for angry bearded men who cut everything with axes? Shamshera is made for you. This Indian blockbuster has had a complicated journey, made of reshoots and postponements because of the pandemic. Realized by Karan Malhotrafilmmaker who notably offered one of the best revenge films of the past decade with Agneepaththis project aims to revive the golden age of westerns indian way Sholay.

In addition to promising popular cinema with great spectacle, Shamshera relies on its golden cast to convince the public. We will find headlining Ranbir Kapoor. The actor has a very busy schedule since he will continue with the release of Brahmāstrasupposed to be the cornerstone of the Indian MCU. But we can also count on Sanjay Dutt in the role of the antagonist, a few months after his memorable performance in KGF: Chapter 2. To introduce us to this universe, Shamshera unveiled a brutal and generous trailer.

There is something refreshing about the idea of ​​finding the western at the heart of a film accessible to the general public. Gone from Hollywood blockbusters since the sadly underrated The Lone Ranger, the genus is not more common in India. It is therefore a crazy and anachronistic bet launched by Karan Malhotra. These first images confirm the filmmaker’s love (and Indian cinema in general) for violent and explosive blockbusters. But there are also a frankly seductive sense of adventure.

Shamshera wants to offer a cocktail of genres, in the pure tradition of the Indian “masala” film. The western aspect is very promising, the action sequences seem generous despite a limited budget. We are offered a dark and unforgiving universe with real visual ideas. On the other hand, let’s hope that the comedy sequences are better dosed than what is shown to us at the start of the trailer.

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Anyway, the year 2022 continues to be placed under the sign of great action films for Indian cinema. Shamshera could well join the list of great successes of recent months and make you forget in passing its chaotic filming. Its theatrical release is scheduled for July 22, 2022..


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