See How They Run: a scathing trailer for the new A-style whodunit

See How They Run: a scathing trailer for the new A-style whodunit

Saoirse Ronan and Sam Rockwell lead the investigation in the first trailer for the police comedy See How They Run.

Whether it’s Agatha Christie’s adaptations by Kenneth Branagh (either, the very average The crime of the Orient Express and Death on the Nile), from friendly giant Cluedo At loggerheadsor the good serial surprise Only Murders in the Buildingit would seem that the whimsical whodunit (“who did it”, in French) has re-imposed itself in the audiovisual landscape for the past five years.

In a similar vein to these various comedy thrillers, the filmmaker’s feature debut Tom George, See How They Run, propels the formidable Saoirse Ronan (Lovely Bones, Ladybird) and Sam Rockwell (The Case Richard Jewell, Jojo Rabbit ) on the heels of a serial killer in London in the 1950s. An investigation which, in view of the first trailer, will be full of twists and turns.

See How They Run will therefore tell the story of an unlikely duo: on the one hand, Inspector Stoppard (Rockwell), tired of his profession and affiliated with the case willy-nilly, and on the other, Constable Constable Stalker (Ronan ), an over-enthusiastic young recruit prone to ill-advised diligence. Both will then try to unravel the mystery hovering over the death of Léo Köpernick (played by Adrian Brody), a major Hollywood producer on the decline despairing of regaining the amplitude of his past success. But as the various members of the team are murdered one after another, the investigation takes a sinister turn.

These first images open without delay on the murder of the character of the famous producer, whose corpse has been the subject of a staging that is doubtful to say the least. Driven by the wacky rantings and undisguised enthusiasm of Constable Stalker, the trailer bears witness to a meticulous plastic quality – which is reminiscent of the earthy aesthetic of a certain Wes Anderson –, and a sense of rhythm giving pride of place to dynamism in order to better underpin the issues linked to the plot.

“Do not conclude lightly”

From this first overview also emerge a scathing sense of humor and a gallery of characters, each more baroque than the next. The alleged madness of the footage transpires cheerfully through the image, and therefore promises a more modern reworking of the inherent codes of the genre to probably better circumvent them, and impulse an energy between the leading duo similar to the sherlock holmes by Guy Ritchie.

See How They Run therefore promises to be entertainment combining the spectacular with mystery and burlesque, which will be available in theaters in the United States from September 30, 2022. However, the film does not currently have a French release date.. Perhaps time to discover the serial whodunit Only Murders in the Buildingthe second season of which is currently airing on Disney+.


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