"Salam": what we know about the Diam's documentary, in theaters this Friday

“Salam”: what we know about the Diam’s documentary, in theaters this Friday

The documentary on the former rapper, screened in Cannes last May, will be released in theaters on July 1 and 2 only.

It is a highly anticipated film. Hellothe documentary on the life of Diam’s, co-directed by the former rapper with Houda Benyamina and Anne Cissé, will be briefly screened in theaters this Friday and Saturday, before being broadcast on the platform GrossX in September.

The film was also screened during the Cannes Film Festival on May 26 and accompanied by an interview with Augustin Trappenard for Brut. Here’s what viewers will discover.

• Unpublished testimonials

“The more the days passed, the deeper I sank”, Diam’s recounts in the first person his journey from the world of music and showbusiness, a source of ill-being and depression, towards a more peaceful life, marked by his conversion to Islam. “My depression, my suffering, my quest, my rebirth”, she summarizes.

Her relatives also shed light on what pushed her to suddenly stop everything. The documentary is thus interspersed with testimonies from his mother, but also from his friends the singer Vitaa and the screenwriter Faïza Guène, or even Nicole Schluss, his former manager. A phone sequence with his father also marks their reunion, after years without seeing each other.

Suicide attempts, scarifications, internment, drug treatments that knocked her out, diagnosis of bipolarity… in front of the camera, Diams avoids nothing of her life before.

But it is above all his afterlife that is evoked here. Diam’s, visibly appeased, thus recounts at length her current life, surrounded by her three children and devoted to her association Big Up Project, which helps orphans in several African countries.

• Few concert stages

The career of the ex-rapper appears relatively little on screen, contrary to what the trailer might suggest. Few stage images, concerts, this period of the life of Diam’s is approached only to evoke his malaise and his depression. Nostalgics who dream of seeing Diams on stage again will no doubt be disappointed. The singer only appears on an empty stage, facing an empty room.

The one who conquered the public during a lightning career and four albums, First Term in 1999, raw woman in 2003, In my bubble in 2006 and S.O.S. in 2009, left many hits behind her. How to forget titles such as dj, The Dumpling, My France To Me, Marineor My painwhich, from 2003, evoked her injuries and her experience as a battered woman.

• Unreleased tracks

If Diam’s has not remained completely silent since she left the stage – she has published a book, given a few interviews and her news on social networks – here, for the first time in more than fifteen years, she makes her singer’s voice.

“For me, it’s not music, it’s a cappella texts that I recorded because I wanted to speak directly to people. And my producers made a musical dressing,” she said. however explained in an interview with Parisian.

Whatever, fans will find in these three unpublished texts, the writing talent and the phrasing that made the success of Diam’s.

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