"Salam", the documentary on Diam's, achieves 90,000 admissions in two days

“Salam”, the documentary on Diam’s, achieves 90,000 admissions in two days

“A young audience, quite feminine, very diverse. This is how Guillaume Lacroix, co-founder of Brut and producer of “Salam”, summarizes the profile of the 90,096 spectators – including around 30,000 in Île-de-France – who came to theaters last Friday and Saturday to discover “Salam”, the documentary on Diam’s.

The day before and the day before the film festival, this film co-directed by Diam’s, Houda Benyamina and Anne Cissé was shown in 186 theaters in France, before disappearing from the bill. This very atypical outing more than worked: Friday, “Salam”, in which ex-rapper Diam’s tells how she came out of her depression when she quit the music industry and by converting to Islam, was the most viewed film in theaters, with 50,000 admissions (against “only” 40,000 for “Top Gun: Maverick”).

Hello was a good launch pad for the Film Festival, assures Philippe Godeau, who organized the distribution of the documentary in theaters via his company, Pan-Européenne. The film also made it possible to bring in people who had lost the habit of going to the cinema. These spectators were able to share emotions in rooms filled with an average of 200 people, whereas at the moment French films are showing averages of 7 to 10 spectators per screening on average…”

Other interested platforms

With these remarks, the distributor tries to reconcile theaters and VOD platforms whereas, if the Pathé, CGR, Kinépolis and Mégarama networks screened “Salam”, UGC and MK2 refused to offer this feature film produced in their theaters by a platform.

Originally, the documentary on Diam’s was to be exclusively streamed on BrutX. It was Philippe Godeau who, after viewing it, suggested that Guillaume Lacroix release it in theaters. He then obtained an exceptional authorization for two days. The selection of “Salam” at the Cannes Film Festival in May and its theatrical success this weekend has attracted the attention of other streaming platforms: Brut is currently negotiating to have the documentary offered on another platform from September or October, before it can be released on its own platform.

“We are already very happy with the first life of Salam”, underlines Guillaume Lacroix. Who refuses to give the budget of the documentary and specifies that the interview of Diam’s carried out by Augustin Trapenard and put online on May 26 had achieved 20 million views.

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