RTX 3080 : La carte graphique gaming n'a jamais été aussi peu chère

RTX 3080: The gaming graphics card has never been so inexpensive

News good deal RTX 3080: The gaming graphics card has never been so inexpensive

With the shortage, we despaired of being able to find graphics cards at a fair price. And yet, Cybertek has unveiled an excellent offer on the RTX 3080 which is clearly at its best price right now!

The PNY GeForce RTX 3080 10GB XLR8 Gaming UPRISING EPIC-X RGB LHR Triple Fan Edition is at its best price at Cybertek

With the shortage of semiconductors that has hit the tech world hard, graphics cards have risen dramatically in price all over the world.

But for some time, prices have started to come down and even touch the famous MSRP of Founder Edition cards.

  • As a reminder, the MSRP is the manufacturer’s recommended price on the Founder Edition models. For the RTX 3080, it is €759.
  • However, custom cards are much more represented in the market and are created by different players such as MSI, Zotac, EVGA or PNY here. Their price is higher, which is explained in particular by the improvements that are made on these GPUs. In general, we find them between 890 € and more than 1200 €

Buy the RTX 3080 at 879 € at Cybertek

Currently at Cybertek, one of these custom cards: the PNY GeForce RTX 3080 is at an extremely low price for such a card.

It is indeed available at 879 € instead of 999 €!

Can we deduce the end of the shortage? Clearly not. It’s impossible to guess what the future will bring, but offers such as this are extremely encouraging for all gamers!

RTX 3080: one of the best graphics cards for gaming

The 3080 is one of the best graphics cards around. Created from the Ampere architecture by Nvidia, it has 10 GB of GDDR6X video memory and will run your favorite games in 4K 60 frames per second without flinching!

And if you are more of a fan of 1440p, it’s perfect, since at this resolution, you can enjoy Ray Tracing with great fluidity.

Cooling level, PNY has chosen to go all out with 3 fans! Which will be good, especially at the moment with the high heat outside.

Buy the RTX 3080 at 879 € at Cybertek

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