Rosemary's Baby: is a studio preparing a remake in secret?

Rosemary’s Baby: is a studio preparing a remake in secret?

The cult movie Rosemary’s Baby would he be entitled to a secret remake? This is what the production of the next thriller from the studios could suggest Paramount.

Adapted from the wonderful novel by author and playwright Ira Levin, Rosemary’s Baby wants to be, since its release in 1968, one of the cornerstones of horror cinemawhich will have opened the door to many other films that have become emblematic of the genre such as The curse by Richard Donner in 1976, or the famous L’Exorcist by William Friedkin in 1973.

A work irrevocably tarnished by the multiple cases of child abuse and other sexual violence of which its author has been accused since the 1970s, the film remains despite everything a work at thecultural, aesthetic, and historical impact relevant enough to warrant continued interest.

Mia Farrow and John Cassavetes

In 1976, a first production entitled What happened to Rosemary’s baby?, supposed to follow the original footage, is made for television. Subsequently, a mini-series carried by Zoe Saldana seeks to readapt Levin’s work in 2014 for the NBC channel, without however really convincing the critics. Since then, no other filmmaker, channel or studio seemed inclined to push any project related to the footage, but it would seem that the Paramount Players label has secretly developed, not a remake, but a prequel of Rosemary’s Baby.

According Bloody Disgustingthe psychological thriller Apartment 7Adirected by Natalie Erika James (to whom we owe the singular relic) should thus do the story of the character Terry Gionoffrio (played by Angela Dorian), who dies shortly after Rosemary moves into the Bramford. Although nothing is official as things stand, several elements actually link Rosemary’s Baby at the Paramount project.

First of all, it should be noted that the studio in the mountains is the current copyright holder of the original footageand that Platinum Dunes, the current producer of the footage Apartment 7A, was already attached to a remake fifteen years earlier. Of course, this is still not enough to say anything.

Rosemary's Baby: photo, Mia FarrowA chilling scene

However, according to the IMDb film database, the actress HASmy Leeson is credited as Rosemary Woodhouse, the character originally portrayed by Mia Farrow, and Kevin McNally as Roman Castevet, one of the many Satanists behind Rosemary’s torment. So, although the role of headliner Julia Garner has not yet been revealed, there is every reason to believe that Madonna’s future interpreter will have to camp the famous Terry Gionoffrio.

Co-produced by John Krasinski, a guarantee of quality if we are to believe the success of Without a sound, the footage does not currently have a release date, although filming wrapped earlier this month. To know if Apartment 7A will indeed be a prequel to Rosemary’s Baby, so we will have to wait a little longer. The opportunity may be to discover (or rediscover) the footage worn by Mia Farrow and John Cassavetes by then.


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