Riverdale: an actor of the series films himself killing his mother before surrendering to the police

Riverdale: an actor of the series films himself killing his mother before surrendering to the police

Whether Ryan Grantham dreamed of being famous, it is now done. However, and tragically, it is not for his talents that the actor is making the headlines today, but for a terribly creepy news item. The reason ? He recently pleaded guilty to the second degree murder of his mother.

An actor from Riverdale kill his mother

On March 31, 2020, the 24-year-old actor took advantage of a piano session from his mom to shoot him in the back of the head. According to details revealed during the trial organized this spring, Ryan Grantham feared that his mother, who was battling cancer, would find out about his poor performance in school, but also that he smoked marijuana.

However, it is also rumored that this murder – which was filmed by Ryan, would have been orchestrated to avoid embarrassing the victim even as he was about to commit an atrocious act. Immediately after this assassination, the actor had filled his car with three pistols, ammunition, 12 Molotov cocktails with the objective of going to Rideau Cottage, in Ottawa, to kill Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister of Canada. A version corroborated by his own confessions and his diaries.

Fortunately, and in a miraculous flash of lucidity, Ryan Grantham finally chose not to go through with this plan, which could also have been punctuated by a mass shooting at Simon Fraser University placed in his way. Against all odds, he preferred to go to the police to confess to the murder of his mother and be arrested.

A lawsuit in progress in Canada

While a conviction for second degree murder in Canada means life in prison, the objective of this trial is mainly to define the period of safety during which Ryan Grantham will be guaranteed to live behind bars before he can appeal and hope to get out. For this purpose, the Crown prosecutor asks for a period of 17 to 18 years.

It breaks my heart to know that she’s struggled so hard [contre la maladie] only to be killed by her own sonlamented Ryan’s sister, ready to do anything to keep him locked up as long as possible, accusing him of being dangerous. She was vulnerable and he gave her no chance to defend herself. It saddens me to know that he was a danger to his life“.

A beginner actor

If Ryan Grantham’s name and face look familiar to you, that’s normal. Despite a short career, the actor has had time to get noticed thanks to his roles in series like Falling Skies, supernatural, iZombiebut above all… Riverdale. Remember, he embodied Jeffery Augustinethe teenager behind the death of Fred Andrews (Luke Perry), the father of Archie, following a car accident.

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