Real: Florentino Pérez's new little spade on Mbappé's extension to PSG

Real: Florentino Pérez’s new little spade on Mbappé’s extension to PSG

The president of Real Madrid dropped a short sentence on Kylian Mbappé after his interview with the Chiringuito. And for good reason, it was addressed to supporters. Except that Florentino Pérez was filmed. Unnoticed at first, it has been circulating quite a bit on social networks since.

Real Madrid president Florentino Pérez has a deep grudge. Since Parisian striker Kylian Mbappé finally decided to extend his adventure with Paris Saint-Germain, the Spanish leader has been ruthless every time he has the opportunity to criticize this choice. Through the press or in public, Florentino Pérez knows how to convey messages. Just out of the studios where he had just given his first major interview on the subject to Chiringuito last Wednesday, when he had not spoken publicly about the aborted transfer of Mbappé until then, the boss of Real Madrid in added a layer to the few supporters who were waiting in the parking lot.

To a supporter who made him swear never to try to recruit Mbappé again, Florentino Pérez sketched a smile before delivering this curious repartee: “The poor guy, he must already be sorry.”

For Florentino Pérez, Kylian Mbappé gave in to “political and economic pressure” before committing to Paris Saint-Germain until 2025. “That, plus money and sporting leadership, made him change When we find ourselves in a situation of panic like that, we try to get out of it by all means, I even understand that, because it’s not easy to receive a call from the president of the Republic”, continued the leader to the Chiringuito.

“Life takes a thousand turns”

If the furious Madrid press had assured that the door would forever be closed to Kylian Mbappé, Florentino Pérez was not so categorical this week, even opening the door to a future reconciliation, for which he set the conditions. “Not now, because this Mbappé is not my Mbappé”, he insisted on specifying from the outset, before being more lenient with the star of the France team and PSG: “Now, if it changes, life takes a thousand turns”, he said, insisting that “no player in the whole history of Real Madrid has been above the others”.

Mbappé having signed up until 2025 on the basis of a new project, of which he is the instigator, he should not join Real Madrid for at least two years. Time for Florentino Pérez to free himself from resentment towards a player he thought was his a month ago.

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