Quimper - Franck Dubosc: “When we shot in Brittany, we had to use fake rain!  »

Quimper – Franck Dubosc: “When we shot in Brittany, we had to use fake rain! »

In “Rumba la vie”, we are really far from the character of Patrick Chirac. Is it a new side of you that you wanted to explore?

No, I didn’t write it to play differently and in the end the character went naturally towards this more dramatic register. My character isn’t specifically him in humor, he’s a dad who abandoned his wife and daughter, but I wanted him to be touching.

In “Rumba la vie”, Franck Dubosc interprets the role of Tony, who registers incognito in the dance class led by his daughter, whom he has never known. (Gaumont)

You had to shoot this film at the start of the pandemic, in 2020, wasn’t that too complicated?

Yes, it was complex. During filming, it took away some of the fun because everyone wore the mask, except the actors of course. I especially didn’t want it to look like a film made under Covid. We have to forget that, especially since the film will be released at the end of August.

During filming in Concarneau, the problem was that it was always sunny!

Then, in 2021, you shot the film “Plancha”, the sequel to “Barbecue”, in Finistère. What memory do you keep?

I know Brittany because I have often come there to play my shows. But I didn’t know Concarneau and we spent two months there anyway. The problem is that the script of the film tells the story of a group of friends who go to Brittany instead of Greece and some complain because they think the weather is not going to be nice. The problem is that it was sunny all the time! So it was a bit complicated. We had to use fake rain! But I have very pleasant memories of it. I had the beach under my balcony. It was in Concarneau at the Hôtel des Sables blancs where we were received by lovely people who took great care of us.

Besides, I’m lucky, every time I come to Brittany the weather is nice! What I also appreciate about the Bretons is that they love their region and their roots and when they invite us it makes them happy. They are happy to receive us.

There are people who call me Patrick all the way! It’s kind of my middle name.

Could there be a sequel to “Camping” that could be filmed in Brittany?

No, in Brittany it would be a different kind of film. I also went camping when I was young at Guilvinec. “A nous les Garçons”, my first film, was shot on Île aux Moines (56)! Afterwards, it would be difficult to redo a sequel since the disappearance of Claude Brasseur. “Camping” without Jacky (Editor’s note: the character that Claude Brasseur played), it wouldn’t really be “Camping”.

The fact that some of your lines have become cult, what does that mean to you?

It is surprising and even strange. I have no particular pride. These replicas do not belong to me. “So we’re not waiting for Patrick?” », it’s true that I’m often asked and I’m ashamed when I say it because I do it less well than Patrick Chirac (laughs)! There are even people who call me Patrick all the way! They are convinced that my name is that. It’s kind of my middle name. When I hear it in the street, I turn around!


“Rumba la vie”, screened this Thursday, at 7:15 p.m., in preview, in the presence of Franck Dubosc, actor and director, at the Cinéville de Quimper, and at 8:45 p.m., at the Cinéville de Lorient. Tickets on site or online at Cineville website.

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