Quentin Bigot and Hugo Hay open the ball at the French Championships

Quentin Bigot and Hugo Hay open the ball at the French Championships

Nestled in the city center of Caen, the small Hélitas stadium which hosts the French Championships for the first time, was spared by the rain for the first day, Friday afternoon. A rather quiet first session, which saw the victories of Lolasson Djouhan in the discus (60.04 m), Alexandra Tavernier (68.34 m) and Quentin Bigot (78.15 m) in the hammer, and spiced up at the end with the Victory for Hugo Hay, at the finish, in the 5000m.

The 25-year-old cross-country skier, who remained wisely in the peloton when two competitors had attempted a breakaway, led the sling three laps from the end. He won, in front of the 1924 stand, with its old-fashioned charm, a sprint against Félix Bour and his third national title over the distance in 13’54”04. “I came because I had to and to have fun because I haven’t had any in my last two races. (Montreuil and Paris), let loose Hay. I like these tactical races, these games of fools, you shouldn’t crack. It’s cool to win like that but it doesn’t erase the disappointment and tonight I’m not going to sleep with a smile. »

Very close to the minima for Eugene (13’12″14 against 13’09), Hay no longer has too many hopes as to a probable draft for the United States even if he has decided not to change his plans and will join Flagstaff (Arizona), with its training group, for a course at altitude.

Quentin Bigot won his fifth French championship title. (F. Faugère/The Team)

Author of the minima, Quentin Bigot is sure to be on the plane. While Manon Trapp won her first solo title in 15’48”79 over the 5,000m, the Messin achieved another very solid competition, with two jets over 78 meters (78.15 m), the remaining four beyond 77 meters, for his last competition before flying to Oregon (July 4).

“I need spice, adrenaline, big competitors for me to really let go, and there, I didn’t have any big competition today (Friday), he explained. It doesn’t matter, it’s even very good not to have a peak of form twenty days before the World Championships. »

The hammer was also the red thread of this first day. Alexandra Tavernier capped an eighth national crown with a throw of 68.34 m. While we were waiting for Rose Loga, the young woman (19) missed out on her competition, finishing third with 63.74 m. Fellow trainer Xena Ngomateke took second place with 65.23m. In the process, Tavernier announced that she would not compete in the Eugene Worlds.

In the discus throw, Lolasson Djouhan won his ninth discus title with 60.04m, despite a sore big toe. The 31-year-old discobolus, who passed the minima for the Munich Euro (August 15-21) earlier in June (65.86m), will still compete in Vineuil on Saturday and perhaps Nice on Sunday to reach the 66 meters required by the FFA to fly to Eugene.

Finally, the 800 m kept all its suspense since all the big fish passed with the same ease as Benjamin Robert, Gabriel Tual and Pierre-Ambroise Bosse. The final this Saturday (6:20 p.m.) “going to be a great fight”.


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