Pyrénées-Orientales: street art, water wall, human table football, barber, massage... the other Electrobeach experience

Pyrénées-Orientales: street art, water wall, human table football, barber, massage… the other Electrobeach experience

Electrobeach is no longer just music. For this 2022 edition, the Barcarès festival, which will be held on July 14, 15 and 16, offers these festival-goers a party within the party. Explanations.

Offer an experience and not just a series of sets. At Barcarès, the Electrobeach beefs up its offer. The electro event of the Pyrénées-Orientales adds to its posters Djs stars “a way of live EMF” to move the crowds. Do festival-goers expect more? “It is above all that the offer is more and more competitive regionally and nationallyexplains Maxime Ferrand, director of Electrobeach. If we want to stay among the most important festivals we have to go through this“.

On July 14, 15 and 16, festival-goers will be immersed in the Electrobeach atmosphere from… the excavations at the entrance. “We are aware that this is not the most pleasant moment. It’s hot, we always wait a bit, we show our personal effects… Especially since with the stories of the bites, security will be reinforced“, specifies Maxime Ferrand. On all this avenue du Roussillon, where the controls will be ensured, a dozen foodtrucks will be installed and music will already be broadcast.

Once past the security barrier, festival-goers will discover Lydia Park. From the outset, they will pass through a village of merchandising stands, ephemeral tattoos or even make-up.

A Street Art Festival

For the first time, the Electrobeach will host a second event. The Street Art Museum festival will be installed between the Lydia and the pit. Festival-goers will be able to discover a dozen works graffitied on five structures, metal shipping containers. Graffiti made by national and international artists.

On the sand, behind the Lydia, a relaxation area will allow spectators to rest as they wish. They will be able to lie down on deckchairs as well as stretch their legs thanks to the inflatable games: human table football, equalizer rugby or even a ventriglisse. “This is an element that we were asked a lot. The festival-goers wanted to be able to get some air, to get out of the pit a little. As we do not yet have permission to access the sea, we will install a wall of water of a dozen meters so that everyone can cool off.explains the director of the festival. But we do not despair of having, one day, the possibility of going to the sea. We are continuing discussions with the prefecture and the DDTM. The day when we can, we will be fulfilled“.

As Electrobeach festival-goers are often big children, rides are essential to the party. A 50-meter Ferris wheel, the one normally installed in the Christmas village, will join the traditional booster.

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The partners with their feet fanned out

A new partner space called the Premium, which will be added to the already existing Skyview, will come out of the ground for this 2022 edition.

For the record, the Skyview is an “ultra Vip” area which had even been the set for a filming in 2019. In the middle of the festival, Anne Roumanoff played the scene of a crazy party in front of the cameras.

The Premium will be located next to the stage. Invited festival-goers will have the opportunity to get a massage, recharge their phone, cool off in a fountain or even climb on a platform to best observe the DJs mixing.

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