PSG: Neymar humiliated in public, Al-Khelaïfi's big mistake

PSG: Neymar humiliated in public, Al-Khelaïfi’s big mistake

PSG have decided to try everything to separate from Neymar, who does not meet expectations. Nasser Al-Khelaïfi spoke in this direction publicly for the first time, and it does not pass.

Unstoppable during his time of splendor at FC Barcelona, ​​Neymar risks also being impossible to move from Paris Saint Germain. The number 10 of the champions of France is well pushed out by the club of the capital, which no longer really sees its new project being articulated around him. His level of performance is not at the expected rank, but his contract is on the other hand capable of scaring away any courtier. Neymar, who had pushed to leave PSG two years after his arrival in 2019, has now changed his mind. Retained by force, he is well in Paris, and believes that with Messi and Mbappé, he finds himself with a central place in a candidate for victory in the Champions League.

Despite this enviable status and this concrete contract, Neymar cannot turn a deaf ear to his account. If he had let it be known in May, when Ligue 1 ended, that he paid no attention to rumours, he cannot help hearing them, he who spends a lot of time on social networks. Faced with the wave of announcements about his uncertain future at PSG, the Brazilian therefore took his smartphone to give his feelings. All while laughing, even if inevitably, there is annoyance at feeling pushed out, which he has never experienced before in his career. “ Hello fake news, here is for you. Lots of sunshine, peace and love “, delivered Neymar on an Instagram story.

Juventus line up for Neymar

A response to several infirmations which reported on the efforts that PSG is making to get him to leave. The capital club would have contacted FC Barcelona and Real Madrid to find out if they were interested in his services, without a positive response. Newcastle and Manchester United are sometimes cited as possible landing points, without success. And it is now Juventus Turin, which would have smelled the right move and would study the possibility of making an offer knowing that PSG will not be too careful about the amount, says Sport.

A lot of information which therefore goes in the direction of an undesirable Neymar at PSG, even if his transfer will be a whole other pair of sleeves. Above all, the Parisians should not come to regret a player who still has talent to spare, and who can hit hard next season, assures Walid Acherchour. For the latter, Nasser Al-Khelaïfi creates a smokescreen by targeting Neymar, while the Brazilian cannot be accused of all evils. “ I criticized him a lot and of course his performance was insufficient. But it annoys me a little because I have the impression that the solution would only be to fire Neymar. Nasser wants to put Neymar in the public square, when he is not the culprit. It is not he who has just extended it and does not forbid him to step on the institution. He is open to criticism, and I understand the anger of the supporters. But we have to stop caricaturing, because he is still able to help Paris SG. I want to believe it, with its pivotal year when there is the World Cup. It will be very important for Neymar, because if he does not want after all he has eaten and he is 30 years old, it is no longer worth it. “, Delivered the journalist of After Foot, convinced that Neymar cannot be on his own the cause of all the problems of PSG, and the only one who takes the door after the shoe with the “bling-bling” decreed by Nasser Al-Khelaïfi.

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