PSG: Lionel Messi calls Barça, Qatar is betrayed

PSG: Lionel Messi calls Barça, Qatar is betrayed

Lionel Messi still has a year of contract with Paris Saint-Germain, but the Argentinian would like to return to FC Barcelona this summer. A new rumor from Spain revives speculation.

Less thana year after joining PSG, in a sequence that will go down in the history of the transfer window, Lionel Messi has the desire to go the opposite way and openly made it known to the leaders of FC Barcelona. The same ones who in 2021 let him go without making him any offers, Barça’s finances being bloodless. Having dried his tears, the sevenfold Ballon d’Or is once again making headlines in the Spanish sports media, when we talk about the signing of Cristiano Ronaldo in Catalonia. At the base of this rumor about Leo Messi, there is obviously El Chiringuito who since his terrible fiasco in the file Kylian Mbappe obviously wants to soap the board of Paris Saint-Germain. And it is an understatement to say that the hypothesis of a departure from the Pulga would necessarily be a terrible blow, more on a symbolic than a sporting level, Messi’s season 1 at PSG having been terribly disappointing. To support his theory, the sports media evokes a recent exchange between Lionel Messi and Xavi, Barça coach and obviously former teammate.

Lionel Messi awaits call from Barça president

In The ChiringuitoEduardo Inda explained that Lionel Messi had assured that he wanted to return to FC Barcelona, ​​​​not necessarily this summer, since in this case it will be necessary to pay compensation to Paris Saint-Germain, but rather in the winter transfer window when the Argentine player will begin the last six months of his contract with the PSG. Now, the 35-year-old is said to be awaiting a call from Joan Laporta to discuss all of this directly with Barca’s president. Inevitably, all this remains in the conditional, because if The Chiringuito is the transmission belt of Real Madrid, it is a little less the case with FC Barcelona. And nothing indicates that the player is determined to let go of Paris so quickly.

In the entourage of Messi, it has been made known several times in recent weeks that the latter had every intention of playing a second season at Paris Saint Germain, the whistles of the Parc des Princes having not changed the situation. And unlike Neymar, Lionel Messi is not placed on the list of players pushed out. In other words, again it is Nasser Al-Khelaifi who has the choice to accept or refuse the departure of the Argentine star. It is hard to see the president of PSG let go on this subject, especially since the former Barça player has shown his good will by appearing this Tuesday at Camp des Loges, advancing the date of the official resumption by a few days.

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