PSG: Leonardo gets loose on Messi and Mbappé and puts a wind in Aulas

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Is his departure linked to Mbappé’s extension?

” Nope. It was the end of the Championship and maybe it was time to decide things for the future. Was my departure a condition for him to extend? No, I was not told that. But I don’t want to get into that stuff. And the fact of having kept a player of this level, French and Parisian, is important for PSG and L1. Judging a decision is easier than making the decision. Being in a decision-making position is not easy. It’s a lonely post. OK, you made a decision, you may be shocked, but it’s your decision. Everyone is a bit under pressure. Everyone is in difficulty, in the race. »

What is his biggest blow at PSG

“I leave with zero bitterness! Then I have my vision. But this is not the day to pour out. It’s to thank Qatar and Paris for giving me this opportunity. So, yes, maybe we could have scored more sometimes. But still: in the end, we made Messi! We can say what we want. We had thought about that, yes. We had talked about it. But Messi never thought too much about leaving. It was the last moments before his arrival that were decisive. Afterwards, everything becomes a bit normal but put…, you made Messi’s only transfer in his career! Messi, there is nothing more than that. Chronologically, there is Pelé, Maradona, Messi. He is in Olympus. So when I take stock of my three-year record, I see a C1 final, a semi-final, the 10th league title, seven national trophies and I add Messi. »

Can he sign for OL, where Aulas appreciates him?

“I feel very energetic. I want to do things, not necessarily as a sports director. After a certain age, it’s good to do interesting things. After my departure, the feedback I received from the world of football was very positive. People who offered me to work with them… Valence? There is nothing concrete. It spoke a little, like that, but nothing more. Lyons? I think that would be difficult. To see me as the manager of another important French club like Lyon would be complicated. Aulas has been there for 35 years, I take this opportunity to congratulate him because everything he has done is enormous. When you know the complexity of all this, his perseverance, his ideas, hats off! »

to summarize

Sacked from his position as sports director of PSG at the end of the season, Leonardo spoke at length in the daily L’Équipe about his time in the capital and his future. Selected pieces on Lionel Messi and Kylian Mbappé.

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