PSG: hope remains for Zidane, but...

PSG: hope remains for Zidane, but…

Zindine Zidane will not sign for PSG this summer, but he is not closing the door for the future. Hope therefore remains within the club of the capital, where we are still working to find the solution. And some locker room executives remain convinced that ZZ will succeed Mauricio Pochettino.

Paris or the Blues: has Zidane really settled?

One good news, but not two. Still with the aim of winning this coveted Champions League, Paris Saint-Germain made a big splash by extending Kylian Mbapp until 2025, and the capital club wanted to ride the wave by installing Zindine Zidane on the bench.

In vain, therefore, since the former Real Madrid coach – who is waiting for the French team – would have refused to sign this summer… without however closing the door to the future.

Zidane, PSG still at work

Hope remains, therefore. Even for this t? Hard to say. The Mbapp file has proven it: as long as nothing is signed, that is to say as long as Mauricio Pochettino has not left PSG in the case that interests us, we will not have to swear to anything. And according to information from Daniel Riolo, who has long announced an agreement between ZZ and the Red and Blue, a dedicated cell would still and always work on the possible recruitment of the Ballon d’Or 1998.

as we speak, there are people at the club working for Zidane’s arrival, confided the columnist of RMC Sport in the After on Sunday evening. As if Zidane had closed the door, but PSG had slipped his foot to keep it ajar. And that would also explain why, still according to Riolo, some players remain convinced that the double Z will succeed Poch’: Extremely important players, those who stayed when we didn’t think they were going to stay, are sure of it.

Some executives are waiting for Zidane

Sure and certain From what he says, Riolo believes that they were either not informed or that Zidane did not definitively say no. Either we haven’t told them yet and, in this case, they will be very owed. Because for the stars of the team, it’s Zidane, even today, half an hour ago, ten minutes ago. Either it hasn’t happened: the QSI failure has not yet been acted upon. Because if Zidane doesn’t come, it’s a failure for QSI, their first deal failurehe continued.

They have always succeeded in all their negotiations and it is also somewhat on this that I based my argument – beyond my information – because they always succeed, conceded Riolo. If they can’t, okay, that’s plan B.. Plan B, his name is Christophe Galtier. And, there too, we will not have to swear to anything as long as the native coach of Marseilles has not signed his contract. Expect Zizou to see it happen cakesome players may actually be due.

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