PS5 Slim: It exists thanks to this man!

PS5 Slim: It exists thanks to this man!

PS5 players dreamed of it, a fan did it! A YouTuber by the name of DIY Perks has just made what Sony hasn’t created so far, a PS5 Slim. With an original design and no more than two centimeters thick, the homemade console has nothing to envy its big sister… although it does not surpass it, far from it.

A handmade PS5 Slim

This is the challenge that the Youtuber set himself DIY Perks, accustomed to making many technological creations such as an invisible computer or a portable PlayStation. The content creator with more than unusual ideas therefore attacked (as often) a PlayStation 5 in order to transform it into a PS5 Slim, which Sony console players have been waiting for a long time.

Indeed, the PS5 has a design of its own… therefore very imposing. Sony’s latest console does not stand out for its discretionand many gamers are waiting for a PS5 Slim to arrive so they can free up their TV stand.

The result is more than surprising! DIY Perks has made a PS5 with a sleek design, inspired by the PlayStation 2 Slim with its 2cm thick. Its metallic look gives it a style, quite far from that of the PS5 that we know, but still quite classy. But in order to achieve this result at least…compact, the Youtuber had to make certain concessions with regard to the performance of the console.

A less efficient Slim console

Of course, the creator of the unofficial PS5 Slim had to remove elements from the console in order to refine it as much as possible. For example, the main console cooling system, which is very imposing in view of its great usefulness. The Youtubeur therefore created a personalized cooling system by water pipe from copper sheets. An ingenious way to circumvent the original system, which was expensive: 240 dollars per sheet of copper.

Additionally, DIY Perks has decided to watercooler other key console components, in order to optimize heat dissipation in this creation, which is much smaller than the original PS5. The Youtubeur therefore had to slightly “cheat”, the imposing power supply is accompanied by a pump and an external radiator. However, the results are there: the chip, the RAM and the VRM of the Slim console in question are colder only when they are in Sony’s console.

power side, we necessarily lose the change with this homemade console. The Youtuber has indeed used many components very different from those used by Sony, which then lose quality. However, the console works (almost) perfectly, and the Youtuber has no trouble playing Horizon: Forbidden West.

When will a real PS5 Slim?

As you have understood, this PS5 Slim is the result of one of the experiments of DIY Perks and is therefore not for sale. Gamers will have to be patient as a PS5 Slim is not among Sony’s many current projects. For the company’s previous consoles, Slim versions hadn’t arrived for several years. Sony’s next-gen console isn’t even two years old, so it’s unlikely that a Slim will arrive in the next few months. So be patient…


If it marked the era of the PlayStation 2, a large number of players would dream of seeing it appear on our machines today. If at the moment nothing is planned, a fan of Jak and Daxter has made a video in which the title appears in 4K.

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