Soldes PS5 : La manette DualSense a absolument besoin de cet accessoire

PS5 sales: The DualSense controller absolutely needs this accessory

News good plan PS5 sales: The DualSense controller absolutely needs this accessory

When you regularly use your home console, there are accessories that can greatly simplify your life. That’s what it’s all about here and it’s a good thing since thanks to Amazon we will also be able to take advantage of a discount for the 2022 summer sales. The opportunity to have fun while simplifying the life.

14% discount on this accessory during sales

Amazon is a bit of a specialist in objects that are not expensive and that are useful on a daily basis. Here we will see that a controller support, already frankly accessible, is subject to an additional price drop during the sales in order to finish convincing those who would still hesitate to take the plunge.

Buy the PS5 controller charger at 17€ at Amazon

Usually sold at €20.99, you are currently entitled to a 14% discount. It would be a shame to deprive yourself of it, going below 20€ for a final price of €17.99 you are entitled to a complete charger for two dualsense. What to be continuously ready for your next gaming session.

A support full of details

It’s hard to get more complete than this model. Planned for two controllers simultaneouslyyou can slide it next to your console, so you will have satisfactory storage for your playmates, thus avoiding leaving them lying around and ending up constantly looking for them before playing.

The USB-C cable can be connected directly to your console, a PC or a wall charger. Being optimized for fast charging, it is surely optimal to leave it on a wall charger so that your controllers are charged outside of the periods when your console is on.

It is important to note that we find at the front of the base, a charging indicator allowing you to see the charging status of your controllers. Nothing revolutionary but you will always know which controller to take to be sure to have long hours of play in front of you without having to reverse the roles of your precious ones.

Buy the PS5 controller charger at 17€ at Amazon

The PS5 controllers being rather expensive to start with, it is necessary to underline the approach of the manufacturer who had the good fortune to integrate security on its device to avoid any electrical problem, whether overvoltage or short circuit. A good point for the safety of your devices and yourselves.

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