PS5: Bend Studio's next game (Days Gone) is coming to an end

PS5: Bend Studio’s next game (Days Gone) is coming to an end

Game News PS5: Bend Studio’s next game (Days Gone) is coming to an end

Days Gone won’t have a sequel, or at least not for a while. That is a proven fact. But Bend Studio is indeed working on a brand new project, which is already making waves with a brief official description…

A Days Gone 1.5?

It’s a story that had flowing ink: despite the rather good reputation of Days Gone with the community, Sony will not have given carte blanche to Bend Studio to give birth to a sequel. And this despite frankly good sales, which will have remained across the throat of one of the main developerssince part of the organization.

However, the studio is indeed working on a brand new project and obviously, the work done on Days Gone will not be in vain.

Today, we are happy to share with you a little news about our current project. We’re working on a new license that incorporates multiplayer and builds on the open world systems of Days Gone, but bringing you a whole new world that we’re excited to build for you. We can’t wait to reveal more to you when the time comes.

The PS5 is therefore in the process of offering itself a brand new IP, it’s official and this one will include a little Days Gone inside. And even multiplayer – something to join the long list of service games planned by Sony?

Bend Studio refreshes its image

By the way, Bend Studio took the opportunity to treat itself to a little makeover with a brand new logo. This is the deputy creative director Shay Casey, branding and interface department, who tells us more.

We wanted to develop a new graphic identity that was avant-garde, abstract and minimalist. We had in mind the idea of ​​a simple geometric pattern evoking constant movement and a certain creativity. The kind of logo that players could easily recognize on the street, without seeing the name of the studio. And which has become synonymous with video games over time, as a famous comma has become for sportswear.

With all of this in mind, we chose a design that is resolutely forward-looking, illustrating Bend Studio’s commitment to technical innovation. The letters have been worked to run parallel to the leading edge of the outer triangle while maintaining a non-italic typeface. The waterfall in the center of the logo abstractly evokes the many mountain peaks that punctuate our life in Oregon and define our landscapes. We can also note the slight cut in the I, evoking the chimney of a sawmill and testifying to the logging past of Bend, before the city became a popular destination for the many outdoor activities it offers.

We therefore leave each other on this new emblem as well as on alternative versions which serve to represent this studio, the air of nothing, iconic since at the origin of the saga Siphon Filter and founded in 1992.

PS5: Bend Studio's next game (Days Gone) is coming to an end

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