PS5: A little respite for Sony's console in Japan after a top-selling Xbox?

PS5: A little respite for Sony’s console in Japan after a top-selling Xbox?

Game News PS5: A little respite for Sony’s console in Japan after a top-selling Xbox?

It’s time to take stock of a new week for Famitsu, which has just published its console sales figures in Japan. A result that still gives Sony time to breathe a little after another week of big sales from Microsoft.

An update on console sales in Japan

Famitsu is used to publishing its console sales figures smoothed over a week. The table below therefore lists these sales in the Land of the Rising Sun. On the one hand, the left column lists sales made between June 20 and June 26, 2022, in ascending order, from the most popular console to the least sold console. On the other hand, the right column indicates the cumulative sales figures since the release respective to each console.

Sales from June 20 to 26 Cumulative sales
Nintendo Switch OLED 28,267 1,927,423
nintendo-switch 19,089 18,841,847
Nintendo Switch Lite 9,193 4,771,088
playstation5 7,257 1,459,052
Xbox Series X 4,881 113,864
Xbox Series S 4,034 134 110
PlayStation 5 Digital Edition 1924 244 132
New Nintendo 2DS XL 141 1,187,199
playstation4 17 7,819,718

Source : Famitsu

A week neck and neck between PS5 and Xbox Series

When interpreting this report, the Japanese firm Nintendo still takes the first three places with its Switch and largely dominates the ranking, all models combined. The Nintendo Switch therefore continues to top sales in Japan and has just exceeded 25 million units sold since its launch in 2017.

Then, on Sony’s side, the PlayStation 5 has not said its last word and is slightly ahead of Microsoft’s consoles after conceding his place in the rankings twice.
But the Xbox Series X / S do not deserve it and continue to record substantial sales to come just behind the PlayStation 5 (by little), having very nearly overtaken it again for a third time.

However, we must remain cautious with regard to these figures, also taking into account the shortage of components at the origin of the stock problems, and which will tend to distort the results a little.

Note, however, that since the launch of the new generation consoles in November 2020, Sony has soared with more than 1.7 million PlayStation 5s sold against only 247,974 on the Xbox Series side at Microsoft.

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