Predator: after the spin-off Prey, Disney hopes to make lots of films for the franchise

Predator: after the spin-off Prey, Disney hopes to make lots of films for the franchise

Prey, which will soon arrive on Disney+could revive a series of new films predator through different eras.

Like the most tireless of alien hunters, some things just don’t want to die. Whether they are rebuilt or destroyed, film after film, film franchises know no rest. No saga, no matter how old, now knows the absolute end point, all of which can be resurrected. For better or worse, Predator is back after his last opus,e dysfunctional The Predatorin another time and facing an unexpected opponent.

Opposing the famous Predator to a Comanche huntress (played by Amber Midthunder) in the 18th century, Prey intrigued us with its trailer. With a simple but rather attractive new concept, we are not without hope for this revival of the franchise, even if it continues. And it seems that this is also the case of its director, Dan Trachtenberg (10 Cloverfield Lane), in view of his recent statements to Time Out.

No need to hide: all the new Predator movies are coming

According to the filmmaker, there is a lot of potential for future films predator and Prey could be the first link in a new saga:

I have lots of ideas for what else we could do with the franchise. The ones that interest me the most are the most daring and I think we have the possibility of doing things never seen before for the future.

An enthusiasm of the director who remains conditioned to the success of his film of course. But, optimistic, he promises a range of “daring” films if he keeps control of the future of the saga. Among other things, one can very well imagine different confrontations over several eras throughout history between the Predator and its human adversaries.

The Predator: Picture“Here’s an opponent of my size.”

Prey will therefore follow the Native American Naru who will engage in a duel to the death with the Predator, one becoming in turn the hunter of the other. Dan Trachtenberg thus evoked the will of a film entirely turned around its concept and less towards its history. The historical context must be more than a superficial backdrop, but authentic as a The Revenant. In addition, the goal is to highlight the action and make the film a unique combat space:

There is little dialogue in the film, it is mostly action. […] There’s been a month or two of training [pour Amber Midthunder] not only to learn combat choreographies, but also to understand how to work as a team among Comanche hunters.

Predator: photo, Arnold SchwarzeneggerWe won’t forget the original hunter

Replacing advanced technologies with realistic hunting and combat techniques from other times, the filmmaker intends to articulate a new dynamic in the action of his film and possible sequels. A new saga thought out around this idea could well be one of the most original in what has been done recently, and obviously we would like to see more.

Let’s remain vigilant, however, because we are never safe from an abrupt disappointment, especially when it comes to the umpteenth sequels to a series of films that are a little too long. A good surprise, however, could be at the rendezvous on Disney+, on August 5, with Prey.


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