Pochettino recognizes his crash at PSG!

Pochettino recognizes his crash at PSG!

Mauricio Pochettino will no longer be PSG coach in a few days. While waiting for the formalization, the Argentine coach has agreed with his leaders not to go any further.

The handover has not yet taken place. And for good reason, Paris Saint-Germain has not found its future coach. But Mauricio Pochettino’s adventure is over. All that is missing is the formalization of the end of his contract. And that whether or not Zinedine Zidane agrees to join the PSG in the next few days. Indeed, a year and a half after his arrival, the Argentine coach will see his contract, which ran until June 2023, be interrupted a year in advance. The loss of the title of champion of France in 2021, and the two eliminations in the Champions League, will have made its maintenance impossible.

The summer of 2021, when PSG had extended the contract of its coach to everyone’s surprise, now seems a long way off. Pochettino was never able to put his paw on his team’s game, and regain the enthusiasm that had characterized his time at Tottenham, with a crazy epic in the Champions League in 2019. As a result, the former PSG defender has met with his superiors last week to put an end to their joint commitment.

Pochettino is ok to quit with PSG

And according to the indiscretions of The Athletic, a media often well informed about big issues, the two camps have recognized that the situation is no longer tenable. Despite his beautiful phrases in the press where he assures all his motivation to play next season with PSG, the situation would be very different internally. The technician obviously no longer has a recipe for restoring his team, and has thus opened the door to an end of the course. Both parties therefore agreed that the most logical decision was to stop there. Pochettino will therefore leave with a big check and will find himself free to commit wherever it seems in a few days.

Despite a recruitment of madness, and a title of champion of France very quickly in the pocket, the PSG never knew how to ignite the crowds to the heights of the names in the workforce. Critics quickly fell on the difference between the resources at his disposal and the result on the pitch, but Pochettino seems to have understood that he had lost control of his dressing room and would fail to regain the trust of the fans. His name has also been booed during the last matches at the Parc des Princes. The Argentinian will have little consolation to note that he is not the only one to have experienced this problem in Paris, the Champions League being the supreme justice of the peace for any technician in place.

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