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Piracy of films and series is not illegal according to these lawyers

According to a study conducted among the most successful law students at the prestigious and famous Harvard University, hacking would not be considered a crime or a form of theft.

This is a study that is likely to make us feel guilty! Researchers Dariusz Jemielniak and Malgorzata Ciesielska investigated the practice of hacking in the Harvard Law Department. Undercover alongside more than 50 top lawyers and other big names in the legal system, the researchers came to the conclusion that lawyers also hacked. And that most of them even considered it normal.

The study is very interesting and makes it possible to realize that highly qualified people in the legal system are therefore also led to pirate or consume content originating from piracy.

The researchers stated at the end of their study that “ legal professionals, with high professional ethical standards and expectations of law-abiding behavior, a far above-average understanding of law, and above-average socioeconomic status, do not equate piracy digital to physical theft and are generally very tolerant or even in favor of it “.

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Lawyers hack and find nothing abnormal

The reason is quite simple and stems from the fact that piracy is now highly accepted in society. It must be said that downloading movies or streaming are not at all scary these days. Lawyers interviewed by the researchers also indicated that entertainment providers should for example make their works much more accessible for the whole population.

A paradigm shift is therefore necessary and this is indeed what the researchers are trying to convey through this study. Still according to them, this could be a strong indication to change things up, and it would now make more sense to ensure that the general public can easily access content at a decent price “.

On the other hand, the study claims that this logic of tolerance has limits and that it does not apply, for example, to commercial software. In any case, the debate on piracy has the merit of being posed.

Source : Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology

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