Pierre Mondy: this drama he had faced a few years before his death

Pierre Mondy: this drama he had faced a few years before his death

Pierre Mondy: this drama he had faced a few years before his death (Photo by Pool DEMANGE/MARCHI/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images)

This Thursday, July 7, 2022, TF1 broadcasts “The 7th moonlight company”. A cult film with, in the character of the unforgettable Chaudard, Pierre Mondy. Hero of many other films and series, the actor died ten years ago. Three years before bowing out, he had gone through a particularly difficult phase…

Whether in “The 7th company” or in the series “Les Cordier, judge and cop”, Pierre Mondy was a popular comedian, particularly loved by French audiences. So on September 15, 2012, announcement of his death had the effect of a cataclysm. “The family wished to thank the services of the Pitié-Salpêtrière who have accompanied him for three years in his fight against the disease” indicated at the time the press officer of the actor to AFP. We then learned that Pierre Mondy, 87, had succumbed to lymphoma, against which he had already fought a few years before his death.

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“It falls on your face”

In 2009, the health of Pierre Mondy had already caused concern. At that time, he had been forced to stop shooting for TF1. “I had a treatable disease, while filming in Marseille. I was starting to have memory loss. We then discovered that I had three times the normal calcium level, it goes to your head” explained he a year later in a long interview with Le Parisien. A true enthusiast, the actor did not immediately take the measure of the gravity: “I said to myself, this is the first time in my life that I am going to break down a film. I wanted to continue. My wife and my children m embarked by force. The next day, I was in intensive care at Pitié-Salpêtrière, in Paris. I was treated by chemo, without an operation.”

Pierre Mondy had explained that the doctors had then diagnosed him with a lymphatic cancer : “It’s falling on your face. You’re a traffic jam, you’re waiting for the results. There are people who can’t stand the treatment, I was lucky. Those who treated me said to my family: ‘We did 50% of the job, but he did 50%.’ Which would mean that morale also plays a role.” Faced with adversity, Pierre Mondy had shown incredible determination, taking the example of other patients as famous as him: “I had exactly what the actor of Dexter had, Michael C. Hall. He took his Emmy Award with a sailor cap, at age 38. Me, in January, with chemo, I had the skull of Bruce Willis. The first thing to grow back is the beard. I thought to myself, hey, they all wear it, even Harry Roselmack, so I have my goatee, too.”

“It hurts me too much”

At that time, in 2009, a great friend of Pierre Mondy was also facing major health problems: Johnny Hallyday. The rocker, who died in 2017, had been admitted to Cedars Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles, following complications from a first operation carried out in France. So, in the columns of Le Parisien, Pierre Mondy had repeatedly mentioned his great friend … with his legendary outspokenness: “I’m fine (…) Hats off to the public hospital, which saved my life. life. In a clinic like Johnny, I’m not at all sure that I would have made it,” he said about the Pitié-Salpêtrière teams. And to talk about his friend’s health concerns: “I’m sure when he went through this mess, we would have talked to Johnny about his concerts, he would have said: Leave me alone. We don’t think about any of that .”

In February 2010, Pierre Mondy had good news: total remission after months of fighting cancer. “I haven’t regained all of my 10 kg lost, I don’t want that either! Chemo attacks the palate. You don’t make the difference between an avocado and a tangerine. So you don’t eat” detailed -he. Healed, Pierre Mondy then had to take care of his mental health, already badly damaged by the trials of life, between health problems and friends who are leaving: “I do everything I can, I have a hard time not look back. It pains me too much, like the death of Bernard Giraudeau, which I loved very much. You have to relativize a lot. Every day that passes is a day gained.”

Unfortunately, three years later, it was the recurrence of his cancer that took Pierre Mondy, the unforgettable actor, but also the loving father. Married four times, he had two children with his third wife, Annie Fournier. His son, Laurent Mondy, screenwriter, had had the chance to work with his father on certain episodes of the series “Cordier, magistrate et cop and is even the creator of another cult series, “Commissioner Magellan. His daughter, Anne Mondy, is a visual artist who changed her life trajectory a few months before the death of her famous dad. “He had time to see my first works before he died,” she confided in 2012.

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