Personality test: Image reveals the first thing people notice about you, just in 12 seconds!

Personality test: Image reveals the first thing people notice about you, just in 12 seconds!

Back with an optical illusion personality test today, we ask you to take a look at the optical illusion picture below and notice what you see first. You will know what people notice first about you or what is your most remarkable character. Many have tried and informed me that this picture has the ability to reveal the deepest personality traits and what people notice about you the first time they meet you. So take a look below.

Observe the art of optical illusion

Optical illusions are fun to solve. There is no laughingwrong or wrong way to look at the picture. The perspective chosen by a reader is what reveals his personality.

This optical illusion painting was created by none other than Oleg Shuplyak. It is his hobby to make such optical illusion paintings. The artist wants you to notice the three things first: the horse, the musician and the head.

This image consists of a human head placed on a plate with a similar looking man playing music placed on top of the head.

Take a look at the painting below:

optical illusion makeup

Optical illusion: analysis


In case you saw the horse in the photo, the first thing people see about you is your eye contact. It might pierce people’s eyes and seem unattainable to you at first instance. However, once they start talking to you, they realize what a good person you are. Eye contact will try to help maintain the relationship.

The musician:

If you notice the musician first, people notice your sense of humor first when they meet you. Even small talk with you can make people laugh. You need to make sure that people don’t take you lightly, and you also don’t need to make unnecessary people feel comfortable around you.

The head:

If you see your head first, people notice your welcoming nature first. Your handshake and smile can make people feel at home. You are also a great listener and therefore people enjoy being around you.

We hope you are also among those who found this optical illusion personality test accurate.

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