Persona: a film project or series supported by SEGA and Atlus?

Persona: a film project or series supported by SEGA and Atlus?

news culture Persona: a film project or series supported by SEGA and Atlus?

The Persona license is back in force this year to celebrate its 25th anniversary with the announcement of Xbox, PC and Nintendo Switch ports of opus 3, 4 and 5. In the process, we learned today that SEGA and Atlus would consider porting the license to new media. A way to extend the pleasure of fans of the license, but also to reach a new audience.

2022, the year of Persona

The Persona license showed up recently during the Summer Game Fest after the announcement of the arrival of Persona 3 Portable, Persona 4: Golden and Persona 5 Royal on Xbox. Expected in the coming months, these games will be directly integrated into Microsoft’s Game Pass. Great news for J-RPG fans who haven’t opted for Sony consoles.

Following this presentation, Atlus also delighted Switch gamers by announcing a port of each of these games to Nintendo’s console. Excellent news, which also testifies to the ambition that Atlus and SEGA have for their license. The Persona saga, for which players have always shown affection, nevertheless still has a certain niche status today. The idea behind these ports therefore remains first and foremost to democratize the license to a new audience. And Sega does not intend to stop there. It was during a recent interview with IGN that Toru Nakahara, director of the publisher’s Live-Action adaptations section, affirmed Sega’s desire to adapt new licenses into films and series, including Persona.

Atlus games adapted into films and series

We now know that Sega is banking on a new market: that of the big screen. The recent success of Sonic 2 at the cinema only reinforces the firm in its new ambitions, which would like to produce more adaptations in the future according to Toru Nakahara. Among the licenses concerned, we would find several Atlus games: Shin Megami Tensei, Persona and Catherine.

Sega and Atlus are working together to bring these stories and worlds to life through new mediums and to reach new audiences.

For Toru Nakahara, the narrative strengths of Atlus’ licenses would enable them to reach a new audience.

The worlds of Atlus are full of dramatic qualities and served by an avant-garde style as well as charismatic characters (…). Stories like Persona really resonate with our fans, and we see an opportunity here to expand the universe like no one has seen – or played – before.

The idea of ​​seeing these licenses adapted on the big or small screen therefore exists. However, this would not be the first adaptation of Persona on a new medium: the license already exists in manga and anime. If for the moment nothing has been announced concretely, the statements of Toru Nakahara suggest the best.

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