“Peaky Blinders” season 6, “Irma Vep”, “For All Mankind” season 3… What are the series of the week worth?

“Peaky Blinders” season 6, “Irma Vep”, “For All Mankind” season 3… What are the series of the week worth?

The swan song of the Birmingham gangsters, the adaptation by Olivier Assayas of his film series, the return of feminist space alternate history… We tell you all about these new releases, to watch on TV or on the platforms. ‘call

On TV channels

r Very ordinary people (Canal+)

Live the porn experience. This is the project of Romain, a young student in sociology, determined to engage his own body to better shake up the norm. Alas, the young man quickly discovers a world much less libertarian than fundamentally ordinary. Either, according to the Larousse definition, “in accordance with the established order”. To reveal the eternal domination that is exercised here as elsewhere, the director Ovidie takes up the principle already at work in her short film A very ordinary day and has fun reversing reality: Romain (Jérémy Gillet, excellent as a half-lucid, half-candid hero) finds himself immersed in a universe held by women, legitimized by the system, who use and abuse this “fresh flesh »… Read more

r Irma Vep (OCS City)

Twenty-six years after his film Irma Vep (1996), Olivier Assayas reinvents this tribute to cinema in general and to Vampires (1915) in particular. René Vidal, the director’s deliciously caricatural double, shoots a new version of this “serial” by Louis Feuillade, where a virtuoso thief named Irma Vep plays with the police and an investigative journalist. This time it will be a series, embodied by a young Hollywood actress, Mira. Between the set, the room of her palace and the evenings where she is invited, she lets herself be consumed little by little by her character… Read more

q HPI, season 2 (TF1)

A family of frozen food magnates just buried their heiress (note the humor). But when the coffin is exhumed for an autopsy, the body has disappeared. Who did it? All-made for Morgane Alvaro: in the coattails of Karadec, our showy-looking Miss Marple puts on her stilettos to unearth the secrets of Lille’s upper middle class. This episode of HPI, the penultimate of season 2, is a concentrate of the qualities of the series… which are also its faults. In this seventh investigation in the form of Cluedo, the creators have a blast testing all the functions of their toy, doubling up on funny inserts to illustrate the mechanisms of Morgane’s brain… Read more

q Faking Hitler, the scam of the century (TV story)

The scenario of this series is so incredible that it seems incredible. However, it is drawn from a true story: which occurred in 1983 in the former West Germany, it made the headlines of the newspapers of the time. Gerd Heidemann, star journalist of the famous magazine Der Spiegel, is fascinated by the Nazis to the point of having an affair with Göring’s daughter. He is convinced that he has the scoop of the century: nothing less than Hitler’s secret diaries, which the dictator, at the end of the war, allegedly had exfiltrated on board an airplane. Heidemann is about to get them back. Only problem, the newspapers are fake: they were made by a little crook named Konrad Kujau… Read more

On the platforms

q Miss Marvel (Disney+)

In the space of two years, Disney + has launched seven Marvel series around minor superheroes, secondary characters from its past or future blockbusters. A feast of superpowers from which we come out for the moment without indigestion, thanks to skilful changes of keys and genres. The suggestion box is not bottomless, but it still has something to seduce, as evidenced by Miss Marvel. We follow the first masked avenger steps of Kamala Khan (Iman Vellani), a New Jersey teenager fan of the Avengers and in particular of Captain Marvel, who will discover that she is not quite a human like the others… Read more

r Abbott Elementary (Disney+)

School is bad, but it’s better to laugh than cry. In the purest tradition of “mockumentaries” – these comedies that take up the codes of the documentary -, Abbott Elementary offers a never cynical outlet in the face of the lack of resources in public schools. This surprise success of the last American back-to-school, put online by Disney + on 1er June, features teams from an elementary school in a black Philadelphia neighborhood. From episode to episode, he finds an endearing balance between scathing satire on a completely abandoned education system and a declaration of love for those who, despite everything, persist in giving the most disadvantaged children a chance… Read more

r For All Mankind, Season 3 (Apple TV+)

L’homo americanus and thehomo sovieticus now being well established on the Moon, which has large permanent bases, the two enemy nations therefore have another horizon in their sights: Mars. As if the East/West rivalry were not enough, a new player, the private company Hélios, is about to enter the running in this new race for stars. She will soon rally to her cause a number of disappointed NASA to try to eclipse Washington and Moscow, and to write, in the heart of the 1990s, a new chapter in space history… Read more

:t3: Peaky Blinders, season 6 (Netflix)

“There will be a war within this family. One of you will die. » Aunt Polly’s voice rises from beyond the grave and resonates throughout the final season of Peaky Blinders. The shadow of its actress, Helen McCrory, who died in 2021, hangs over this twilight fall. Posted by Netflix on Friday June 10, these six episodes begin four years after the end of season 5. Tommy Shelby (Cillian Murphy), attracted by nothingness, decides to throw his last strength into a double mission. On the one hand, to make his fortune in America, where prohibition ends, despite the opposition of his cousin Michael (Finn Cole) – this will be the ” war “ prophesied by Polly. On the other hand, at the request of Churchill, to continue to approach the fascist forces galvanized by the election of Hitler in Germany… Read more

r Wu Tang: An American Saga (Disney+)

New York, 1990. In Park Hill, aka “Killer Hill” – a district of Staton Island plagued by crack and crime – Bobby Digs, Dennis Coles, Russell Tyrone Jones lead a double life. Rappers by day and dealers by night. Sometimes even killers… To ward off evil and fear, the future RZA, Ghosface Killah and Ol’Dirty Bastard lay their rabid flow on jazz or soul beats. All their friends are convinced: these guys have a crazy talent. But the street always ends up catching up with them. You have to survive when you’re a young black man from the ghetto… Read more

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