Paulo Fonseca (Lille) wants to "build an ambitious team"

Paulo Fonseca (Lille) wants to “build an ambitious team”

“Can you tell us how your arrival at LOSC took shape?
It was a normal process, the club contacted me recently, explained the project to me, the ambitions, we talked about a lot of things. We easily reached an agreement and I’m here to work.

What does this team need to perform?
I studied the players a lot, the team, it was easy for me to understand what we can build here. I am a coach with different ideas, we also have to understand, to adapt our ideas to the team. I’m sure we’ll build a strong team, with a strong identity. A team that wants to dominate matches, play attacking football.

Obviously we won’t win every game but we want to have a strong mentality, to fight until the last minute in every game, it doesn’t matter if we play PSG or another club. But we want to be ambitious, to make our supporters proud.

“Ukrainian? What I went through is nothing compared to what they continue to go through every day.”

What style of coach are you?
I am an attacking coach, I want a team that has the initiative, that wants to come into the opposing area. A team with the ball, aggressive when the ball is lost. It doesn’t matter if we play PSG or another team.

Many coaches arrive with an ambitious speech, but Ligue 1 is sometimes a Championship where it is difficult to play. Do you fear it?
I experienced the same situation in Italy, in Chakhtior. Believe me, Serie A is tough too. I see a lot of matches, I understand most of the characteristics of the Championship. I really believe that together we can build a strong team with a big, ambitious mentality.

You experienced a difficult situation in February since you had to leave Ukraine. Has this changed your perception of things?
Obviously, when you experience a situation like the one we experienced in Ukraine, it can change the way you give importance to things. I went through a difficult situation, I was there when the war started, but what I went through is nothing compared to what they continue to go through every day. My wife is Ukrainian, my son too, they keep seeing what’s going on. I hope the situation will be resolved as soon as possible because it is difficult for the people there. »


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