Overwatch 2: bad news for players of the first Overwatch

Overwatch 2: bad news for players of the first Overwatch

Game News Overwatch 2: bad news for players of the first Overwatch

Overwatch 2 could mark the end of its big brother. In any case, that’s what Blizzard tells us during a recent FAQ organized a few days ago as the studio shares information about its next project.

Overwatch 2 takes over

As its release is fast approaching, Overwatch 2 continues to reveal itself more during this month of June. Activision-Blizzard unveils as many as possible in order to keep its community of loyal players and fans informed of their multiplayer FPS license, who will also have the opportunity to take part in a final phase of tests at the end of the month.

After explaining in detail the economic model of his new game and after unveiling several new characters, Activision-Blizzard completed its announcements with a FAQ to provide the latest details about their software to players who had not yet managed to clarify everything on their side. If this FAQs made it possible to learn more about account-related content that will transfer between gamesit was also during this one that we learned some bad news for fans and active players of the first opus: the release of Overwatch 2 should mark the end of Overwatch first name.

Overwatch is set to say goodbye in October

This decision will undoubtedly disappoint a large number of players, even if it had already been announced half-word previously by Blizzard. Overwatch will no longer be accessible as we know it when its little brother is released on October 4. In fact, rather than completing the game modes available in the first Overwatch, the formula proposed by Overwatch 2 should take precedence over that of its elder. This information was shared by Game Director Aaron Keller.

– What does the term “early access” refer to for Overwatch 2? Does this mean Overwatch 1 is being replaced by Overwatch 2’s player versus player mode or will Overwatch 1 be discontinued once the game exits Early Access?

– We use the term Early Access simply to indicate the beginning of many new things for the game. We are launching the game with new heroes, new maps and new features, but much more will come with the different seasons – all nine weeks (…). Overwatch 2 will replace the current online service when it releases on October 4. – Aaron Keller.

Big changes are therefore expected for the Overwatch formula as players have known it so far. The six-player versus six-player clashes that advocate a certain team cohesion should be abandoned in favor of the five-versus-five, more nervous and individualistic modes, which Overwatch 2 should offer. We will have to wait for the release of game 2 on October 4 to see, as it stands, what exactly this “end of service” corresponds to.

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