Mercato competitors OM: Manchester United played a dirty trick in Aulas and Lyon!

OM: The provocation of Lyon after the departure of Sampaoli

Lyon is currently recruiting very actively with the arrival of former players like Lacazette or Tolisso and promising youngsters. That of OM is more timid, which resulted in the departure of coach Jorge Sampaoli. An amusing situation on the side of the Rhône…

Present at a press conference this Friday to confirm the extension of Tetê’s loan, Bruno Cheyrou, director of recruitment from Lyon, attacked theOlympic Marseille with a touch of arrogance and irony. An offensive that made Jean-Michel Aulas laugh a lot, also present that day.

Not qualified for the next Champions League campaign, Lyon and Bruno Cheyrou will have to finish ahead of OM if they don’t want this little spade to turn against them…

As a reminder, Lyon has formalized the return of two former glories, Lacazette and Tolisso.

Jealous of the recruitment we are doing – Cheyrou

“IThere may be coaches in other Ligue 1 clubs who are trying to leave because they are jealous of the recruitment we are doing. » Bruno Cheyrou— Source: Press conference (01/07/22)

We have a candidate in mind, this is the track we will favor — Longoria

” Lack of means ? No, what allows us to play C1 is economic stability. This is an important question. We have a solid owner. The level of ambition must be high in this club. The timing of the owner is the same as that of the club. He continues to invest in the club. We have more resources than last season. The C1 helps retain players. You have to be patient in this transfer window. It’s a strategic transfer window. Selling players is important. We can say that we continue with the same workforce, we want to be more competitive. You have to be active in the market. Gigot is a very good player. Toured too. It’s a very slow transfer window. Last season, the players only arrived in July. I feel comfortable with the transfer window. » Pablo Longoria – source: RMC / Press conference (01/02/2022)

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